Women in Tech Featured by Synaptics

The current leader in touch and authentication technology, Synaptics is poised to outperform the competition in human-interface technology.
Women in Tech Featured by Synaptics

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Anna Ostberg – User Experience Researcher & Engineer

synapticAnna Ostberg is Senior User Experience Researcher & Engineer at Synaptics. Anna is focused on being an advocate for the user, always seeking to understand the user’s perspective and creating ways to improve their experiences. Watch Anna’s Video.

What Anna Does

With the comfortable culture of Synaptics and the autonomous, but supportive, managerial structure, Anna has great freedom on when to begin her days—and how best to use her time. Through her independent research, brainstorming sessions with colleagues, and numerous opportunities to attend and present at conferences, Anna is always discovering new ways to improve the user experience.

“One thing I’ve noticed that’s always impressed me at Synaptics is the humility of all my co-workers. I work with people who are really smart and really good at what they do, but they’re always willing to listen to other people, work together productively, and have humility about their work,” she explains.

Anna’s Story – Where Woman Meets Machine

Having studied cognitive science with a focus on human-computer interaction, Anna earned her bachelor’s at UC San Diego and her master’s at Carnegie Mellon. Impressed by the intellect of her interviewers and the global impact of the company, Anna knew that Synaptics was the perfect place to begin her career making impactful innovations.

“I get excited to come to work every day at Synaptics because I get to work on new and exciting technology that literally affect millions and millions of people around the world,” says Anna.

Shubha Ramakrishnan – Senior Algorithm Architect

SynapticsShubha Ramakrishnan is Senior Algorithm Architect at Synaptics. Shubha is responsible for designing algorithms and hardware that enable touch and force sensing for Synaptics’ Clearpad products, used primarily in smartphones. Watch Shubha’s Video.

“We’re at the cutting edge of technology, and we get to peek at what’s coming up, just around the corner, so it’s very exciting,” Shubha says.

Shubha’s Story – Generations of Engineers

As fate would have it, Shubha’s education led her to more than a PhD. While she was working on her doctorate, she discovered that her advisor’s advisor was actually the founder of Synaptics—Carver Mead. With its bright future, brilliant minds, and personal legacy, it’s no wonder why Synaptics appealed to Shubha.

“One of our core values is innovating to win, so people are always encouraged to work on new ideas and try them out. Regardless of whether or not the idea ships in product, people are still rewarded for their efforts, and that’s a very important part of the culture here,” Shubha explains.

What Shubha Does

One of the most exciting parts of Shubha’s job is the great variety of roles and projects that she can find herself involved with as a member of the cross-functional Systems-Architecture Team. Arriving at 9 AM, her tasks vary from coding-intensive algorithm design and testing to days spent optimizing hardware sensing systems in support of divisions across Synaptics.

About Synaptics

As the name suggests, Synaptics, a portmanteau of synapse and electronics, was originally founded by scientists interested in utilizing neural networks in technological devices. Pivoting into human-interface devices with the development of the first touch-pad in 1992, Synaptics now encompasses over 1,600 patents, 1,700 employees, and a $1.7 billion market-value.

“At Synaptics, we have so many smart people who are motivated, talented, and want to win for the right reasons. If you look at the types of products that we’ve made in the past and how we’ve been swinging above our weight for a long time, it’s clear we have a really big chance to continue making a huge impact on the world,” says Fred Caldwell, Synaptics Director of Corporate Development.

With the ever-expanding market for personal electronics, the need for human-interface technology has never been greater, and this need will only grow as technology improves and more markets open up. The current leader in touch and authentication technology, Synaptics is perfectly poised to outperform the competition in the high-growth landscape of human-interface technology.

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