SWE Member Paola Chavira is Always Connecting … Always Engineering

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SWE Member Laila Hassen is Always Connecting…Always Engineering

Always Engineering

This year’s theme for WE17 is Always Connecting … Always Engineering. You cannot attend a WE conference without forming connections, and we know that engineering is more than just a profession…it’s a mindset and outlook that defines who you are and how you think.

So, in anticipation of the largest conference for women engineers, we’re asking our members how they’re Always Connecting and Always Engineering in their lives.

Paola Chavira
Project Manager, CNG/LNG Support Services at SoCalGas

always engineering always engineering"I always think of solutions to problems or questions. If I walk my dog, I'm thinking, "Which route is the best for today? Endurance? Strength? Forty minutes versus 20 minutes?" Then I plan! In everyday life, engineering mindset is everywhere…how long is this task? It takes me an hour to get to work, so I can get "X" done on the train ride!"

Tell us how you’re Always Connecting … Always Engineering with #AlwaysEngineering. Tag @SWETalk on Twitter and Instagram, and @sweorg on Facebook!

About WE17

As an engineer—or aspiring engineer—you likely look at engineering as more than a way to earn a living. You see it as a WAY of living. A mindset that assesses life from an inquisitive, problem-solving, point of view—a mind that’s always engineering.

Attend WE17—the world’s largest conference and career fair for women in engineering and technology—to connect with thousands who share your engineering outlook. Together, you’ll learn, find new opportunities and be inspired. You’ll connect with new friends and mentors, or re-connect with colleagues and classmates.

We promise it’ll be three unforgettable days for all of us who are always connecting and always engineering!

Return on Investment

For participating organizations, WE17 will help you find new talent, provide professional development to current employees and support women in engineering and technology. Your investment in these few days will have a demonstrable short-and long-term impact on your personal and organizational growth.