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SWE Diverse Podcast Ep 257: How Hobbies Elevate Your Professional Potential With Nichole Elff of Boston Scientific

Nichole Elff shares her journey in drag racing and discusses how engineers can embrace the power of their hobbies on this episode of Diverse: a SWE podcast!

In addition to her role as senior process development manager at Boston Scientific, Nichole Elff (she/her) is one of the fastest drag racers in the world! She joins us on this episode of Diverse to discuss her journey and share how hobbies can improve your leadership potential in the workplace.

Hear how Elff got started with drag racing and modifying cars, how to integrate your hobbies into your professional brand, and her reflections on being a woman leader in the male-dominated fields of engineering and drag racing.

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Speaker: Nichole Elff, Senior Process Development Manager, Boston Scientific

Nichole Elff headshot holding a white racing hel

Nichole Elff (she/her) is a senior process development manager for Boston Scientific and a diversity, equity, inclusion & belonging (DEI&B) advocate who has spent 15 years supporting the SWE mission through section leadership and growing the SWE-BSC affiliate.

Nichole unwinds by channeling her passion into endurance running and drag racing with over 30 half marathons under her belt and several notable XFWD class wins.

She is the 7th fastest XFWD drag racer in the world with a ¼ mile time of 7.780 at 195 miles per hour.

To follow along her racing journey, you can follow her at @MissPSI on Instagram or Facebook.

Host: Sam East, Media Personality and Host of Diverse: a SWE Podcast

Sam East - Engineering Podcast Host

Sam East is a media personality based in Toronto, Canada.

You can hear her on “Sam & Dames” in the afternoon from 3-7PM on Toronto’s #1 Hit Music Station, 99.9 Virgin Radio, and with the iHeartRadio Canada app.

When she’s not in studio, she might be hosting live events, hosting and producing the podcast “Lessons to My Younger Self,” or sharing a video that leads to a personal invite from Oprah Winfrey.

Sam is also a certified mindfulness meditation teacher and is thrilled to be able to share tools to help cultivate presence, peace, and self-awareness.


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