Hispanic Heritage Month Spotlight: Solimar Reyes Rodriguez

Hispanic Heritage Month is September 15 – October 15.

Hispanic Heritage Month Spotlight: Solimar Reyes Rodriguez
Solimar Reyes-Rodriguez, Ph.D.

Solamar Reyes Rodriguez was born in Puerto Rico.  She has a Ph.D. in electrical engineering from Michigan State University.  She started her career at Caterpillar in 2011 working for the Sensors and Non-Destructive Evaluation Laboratory.  She currently works in the Sensors Component team.  She enjoys mentoring minority students in STEM fields, being the mother of a 3 year old daughter, calligraphy, and fitness kick boxing.

I enjoy fitness kick boxing because it gives me a lot of energy and helps me stay focus on my tasks at work the next day.  The engineering skills that I have help because I am always trying to improve my technique to get good results and I am very discipline to get the results I want.

SWE Affinity Groups

More than 10 years ago, SWE launched an initiative designed to foster inclusiveness and engage the diverse members of our organization – SWE Affinity Groups.  Affinity Groups are growing and members are sharing and embracing a common element of diversity to work collaboratively and support each other.

There are 8 Affinity Groups: Latinos, African-American, Native-American, Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual/Transgender/Queer/Questioning, Global Women Engineers, Women in Government, Small Business, and Entrepreneur. These teams are working to enhance and promote networking mechanisms to connect members.  Affinity Groups are a great way for members to share knowledge, concerns, and experiences with each other and allies.  They increase understanding and commitment to the value of diversity and inclusion as an integral part of SWE culture.

SWE Affinity Group Leads want to hear from you and are open to your feedback. The Affinity Groups have created Facebook groups so that you can join, share information, and get connected.  You can find these groups at:  SWE Latinos AG, SWE African-American AGSWE Native-American AG, SWE LGBTQ And Allies AGSWE Global Women Engineers AGSWE Women In Government AGSWE Global Engineers AGSWE Entrepreneurs AG and SWE Small Business AG. In addition to exclusive and private access to these groups as a SWE member, you can also use these hashtags on social media:


Please use these hashtags while talking about SWE Affinity Group content on social media. SWE HQ will be able to track your conversations and interact accordingly. The best way to implement a hashtag is by using it regularly — we encourage using these hashtags as much as possible! You can use these hashtags on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Additional information on the Affinity Groups can be found at SWE Member Benefits or send an email to Affinity Group Coordinator Trupti Jani at ag-coordinator@swe.org .