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SWE Staff Finds Silver Linings While Sheltering In Place Pt. 1

Take a dive into part one of our series featuring teams from the SWE HQ staff.
Swe Staff Finds Silver Linings While Sheltering In Place Pt. 1

Our Strategic Partnerships Team is first up highlighting what they are doing while sheltering and how they are working together while being physically apart.

SWE Staff Sheltering at HomeThe Strategic Partnerships team is staying connected and accomplishing goals as we practice social distancing and working from home. Despite the shelter-in-place order, the team has never been more cohesive and in sync.

In addition to one-on-one phone calls with our individual managers, we check-in as a team at the start of each week with a video chat to discuss goals, challenges, and how we can support one another. We stay in touch throughout the day on our Google Hangouts group chat, which has been an uplifting space to ask questions, encourage each other, and spread positivity. As a team, we have prioritized personal and professional growth in this time, ensuring our Diversity & Inclusion efforts don’t fall through the cracks.

We kickoff each monthly team meeting with a ‘D&I Moment’ to intentionally foster an inclusive culture. Each team member takes turns facilitating the D&I Moment, which has been a great way to challenge perspectives, bond as a team, and promote inclusivity. The team has been hard at work as we navigate the new normal, preparing for the Virtual Career Fair, WE20, and staying in constant communication with our supportive partners.

Strategic Partnerships Team On What They Are Doing During Sheltering In Place:

While we work from home, Jennifer Scott, VP of Strategic Partnerships, is keeping the team focused on self-care. She has learned that simple things like taking walks and chatting with friends are key to breaking up the day and staying positive throughout this unknown situation.

Monica Cutrone, Senior Manager of Strategic Partnerships, has learned to be more adaptable and to provide as many solutions as possible rather than focusing on the uncontrollable. She’s also learned more about how women are negatively impacted during a crisis, which has strengthened her commitment to SWE and what we stand for.

Swe Staff Finds Silver Linings While Sheltering In Place Pt. 1Despite the unpredictable circumstances, Judy Burke, Sales Manager, is finding silver linings. She appreciates that the team has had the opportunity to strengthen relationships with our partners. Longer conversations with organizations highlight the “human side” of partnership which is appreciated by all.

We’ve all gotten a glimpse into the average workday for Sohn Cook, Development Manager, who works remotely from California year-round. Sohn’s key to successfully working from home is to change up the routine. Even small things like taking a different path while walking can make each day different.

Rachel Jessen, Strategic Partnerships Coordinator, is striving to maintain a healthy work-life balance while sheltering-in-place. She’s found that working from a designated workstation in her apartment and establishing daily goals helps her stay productive throughout the day. Ending the workday with a walk around the neighborhood allows her to disconnect and switch off “work mode”.

Sinead Gaffney, Strategic Partnerships Senior Specialist, feels that it is easy to feel disconnected from the world outside her home; but the team has prioritized staying connected and motivating each other throughout the week. She’s learned that we have bakers on the team and is eager to get back to the office to try their treats! Even in these uncertain times, the team is committed to working together to accomplish SWE’s mission.

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