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SWE’s #GivingTuesday Campaign Features Lisa Rimpf and Life Membership

#GivingTuesday is today, November 28, 2017, and SWE is pleased to feature Lisa Rimpf and Life Membership!
Swe’s #givingtuesday Campaign Features Lisa Rimpf And Life Membership

Swe’s #givingtuesday Campaign Features Lisa Rimpf And Life Membership

About #GivingTuesday

#GivingTuesday was November 28, 2017. Thanks to a generous anonymous matching donation, SWE’s Board of Directors and Leadership, and SWE’s members and donors, we raised $13,190 yesterday! This exceeded our goal of $10,000 and is, by far, our most successful #GivingTuesday to date!

Donate to SWE here.

About the SWE Life Membership

Individuals who make a $2,000 donation to SWE’s Life Membership Fund contribute to the long-term sustainability of the organization and become SWE Life Members. You can learn more about Life Membership here.

About Lisa Rimpf

Lisa Rimpf is a SWE Life Member and the Director of Operational Excellence at Babcock & Wilcox. At SWE, Rimpf currently serves on the Board of Directors as the Director of Regions, a position she has held since 2016. Prior to this position, Lisa was the Deputy Director of Regions, Region G Governor, and the Counselor for the SWE University of Akron Section. This fall, Lisa was able to share with us some of her reasons for giving back to SWE and how she sees the organization having an impact. Thank you, Lisa, for your leadership and generosity to SWE’s mission!


SWE: Why do you donate to SWE?

Lisa: I love donating to SWE to help our mission. In addition to being a SWE Life Member, I make an effort to give back through the Board of Directors Challenge. This year, myself and several other board members designated a portion of our giving towards the SWE #GivingTuesday campaign. Funds collected through these avenues ensure that SWE is able to be flexible and innovative in pursuing its mission.

SWE: How does SWE make an impact?

Lisa: For me, SWE makes an impact by fostering workplaces that are diverse and inclusive to help meet the needs of a global marketplace that needs skilled engineers. It has been to tremendous to see the impact SWE has, both as a Board Member, and as someone who has been very involved with SWE in my local community.

Thank you to the individuals who became Life Members in FY17 (7/1/2016 – 6/30/2017):

Right now, there are exactly 842 individuals who have become Life Members. We are pleased to thank all of our Life Members and especially those who recently joined:

Alexis McKittrick
Andrea Clewley
Carissa A. Giblin
Christella J. Chavez
Christine Carol Copa Heinrichs
Deborah G. Willems
Donna Carriker
Erin E Kiselica
Ester Marie Barbuto
Helen O. Patricia
Jennifer Rose Flachs
Jessica A. Gmeinder
Jodi L. Ashmun
Kaitlyn Jean Bunker
Karen M. Conmy
Kate Hull
Katherine A. May
Kathleen E. Sinnamon
Kristine E. Barnes
Maria Suet Wing Pang
Melissa Ann Peskin
Molli Jayne Andor
N. J. Taber
Nastassja Lewinski, Ph.D.
Nedra L. Degraffenreid
Nicole Reann Brostowitz
Olivia Grace LeBlanc
Paige Elizabeth Townsend
Pamela Blanche Jackson
Pratima G.N. Rao
Robert K. McMahan
Sarah Anne Fanning
Tammy Lee
Terri Lynch-Caris
Wendy Elizabeth Jenkins


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