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The Society of Women Engineers (SWE) is a global organization with more than 500 sections and affiliates including 40 affiliates outside the United States.

The Society of Women Engineers (SWE) is a global organization with more than 500 sections and affiliates including 40 affiliates outside the United States. Learn more about becoming a SWE International Member..

Membership benefits include:

  • Professional Development
  • Role Models and Mentors
  • Leadership Training and Experience
  • Networking
  • Diversity Training
  • Career Management
  • Gender-specific Management Tools
  • Award-winning, digital version of SWE Magazine

Benefits will vary by country and other possible benefits include:

  • Local Support
  • Conferences
  • Outreach to Girls (to consider engineering careers)

Low income economies get the 66% discount and Low Middle economies get the 33% discount.
Please note: This discount applies to basic Professional and Collegiate grades of membership and cannot be combined with other offers. See the list of countries eligible for membership discounts.

Become a SWE Global Ambassador

SWE’s Global Ambassador program provides the opportunity for paid members to serve in a SWE leadership position that affects their city, country, global region and the Society. As an Ambassador, you will promote the SWE brand, recruit SWE members and be fluent on SWE products and services available to members living in your area.

You can help SWE achieve our goals on a global scale by applying to be an ambassador today!

Check out the accomplishments from a few of this past year’s ambassadors from India, Nigeria and Costa Rica!

To ensure your success in this volunteer role, SWE HQ will provide Ambassadors with:

  • Leadership tools and ongoing Ambassador training
  • A SWE brand manual and SWE-branded templates
  • Regular engagement updates and best practices
  • Global and regional networks of engineers
  • Communication tools and tips
  • A community of Global Ambassadors to share ideas and experiences

For more information on the program, visit the SWE International Member’s page and click the Ambassadors tab.

Ambassadors inspire a global network of female engineers and promote engineering to girls in their regions. As an FY19 Global Ambassador, you will fulfill the following Roles and Responsibilities including:

  • SWE Brand Representative (75% of Volunteer time)
  • Personal Leadership Development (25% of volunteer time)
  • All Level 1 Activities as outlined in the application
  • At least TWO Level 2 Activities as outlined in the application

FY19 Ambassadors will serve for the remainder of the fiscal year (July 1st – June 30th). The deadline to apply to be a SWE FY19 Global Ambassadors is August 9, 2018. Take action and apply now!

Don’t have time to commit to an entire year as a SWE Ambassador? Email to find out other ways you can get involved in SWE in your country.

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  • Video: SWE Global Programs SWE Global Programs

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