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Meet SWE’s FY19 Secretary, Alexis McKittrick

SWE's FY19 Secretary, Alexis McKittrick, is determined to keep moving SWE's mission forward in an ever-changing environment.
Meet Swe’s Fy19 President, Penny Wirsing

Meet SWE’s Board of Directors: FY19 Secretary, Alexis McKittrick, Ph.D.

Meet Swe’s Fy19 Secretary, Alexis Mckittrick
FY19 Secretary Alexis McKittrick

Alexis McKittrick is the SWE Secretary for the 2019 fiscal year. A chemical engineer by training, Alexis holds both a bachelor’s and Ph.D. in chemical engineering. After receiving her Ph.D. from Georgia Tech, she worked in private industry for five years, creating research ideas and commercializing products in the field. From there she moved into a federal government role with the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), working in the climate change division on regulations and data analysis around greenhouse gas emissions. She credits her background as a chemical engineer with allowing her to work and play in a lot of different sectors and come up to speed in a lot of different fields in a short period of time.

As Secretary, Alexis gets the opportunity to work on a lot of strategic as well as tactical components on the board. She works closely with SWE’s President on board agendas and planning out what the board will work on for the year. She also manages board communications and heads two SWE groups.

“I think that there’s no better venue and opportunity to impact the world of women in engineering than SWE, and I want to continue to help with that mission and so I continue to be involved with SWE in order to make sure that impact continues and that we can keep moving SWE’s mission forward in an ever-changing environment.”

– Alexis McKittrick, SWE Secretary

Learn more about SWE’s Board of Directors for fiscal year 2019 on SWE’s YouTube channel.


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