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Happy Father’s Day to the Dads Who Inspire!

While SWE’s focus is always on women engineers, we’d be doing a disservice if we didn’t acknowledge the wonderful men out there who have encouraged their daughters, stepdaughters and granddaughters to pursue their interests in STEM.
Happy Father’s Day To The Dads Who Inspire!

In celebration of Father’s Day 2019, some SWE Members share words of appreciation for the men in their lives who have inspired and supported their pursuit of a STEM education.

Happy Father’s Day To The Dads Who Inspire!“On this Father’s Day, I would like to thank my dad for proving that loyalty & integrity are a stronger reflection of a person’s character than “book smarts” alone. I intend to continue to exemplify loyalty & integrity as an aspiring engineer. I would like to also extend my appreciation to all the men who encourage women to pursue STEM every day—it’s a true way to break down gender barriers as a united front.”

Dana Emswiler, SWE Collegiate Member



Happy Father’s Day To The Dads Who Inspire!Happy Father’s Day To The Dads Who Inspire!“My dad and my grandpa helped to get me interested in STEAM. We often made furniture when I was a little kid, and I’d assist them with tightening screws, getting the right screwdrivers, etc. My dad is a biomed engineer, and my grandpa works with cars and construction. My dad also used to take me stargazing with his old telescope, which got me interested in space. Because of them, along with others like my mom, I want to be an astronautical engineer when I grow up.”

Hannah, SWENext Member



Happy Father’s Day To The Dads Who Inspire!“At the very beginning of my engineering degree I took a hand drafting class. It was the first time I had to rely on skills using my hands instead of book learning. I received an assignment back where the teacher wrote “shoddy work” as a comment on my drawing and I was absolutely beside myself. I was crying to my mom and saying how I couldn’t handle being an engineer, when my dad walked up to me and asked me what was wrong. I told him the whole story and how I felt like I couldn’t study at home because I didn’t have a drafting table. He walked to the garage and pulled out a dusty old t-square. He helped me set up a makeshift drafting table on top of my dresser and I practiced my drawings over and over again. I ended up getting a 100% on my final exam!”

Alyssa Macuk Kueffner, SWE Collegiate Member


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