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SWE Forum: Bravo for the Sun Queen

Discussion surrounding the Conference 2019 issue of SWE Magazine.
Swe Forum: Bravo For The Sun Queen

I wanted to first compliment you on the fantastic, better-every-year, SWE Magazine. You truly deserve all the awards that keep coming in — congratulations to everyone on the board and the contributing authors.

I also wanted to say YAY regarding the article on Mária Telkes (Conference 2019 issue). That name takes me back. I researched her in 1969 when I did my 8th grade science project on solar energy and built a model house out of Legos with water pipes under a clear roof, showing circulation/heat absorption for heating a home. I also made a miniature working solar still that collected moisture from leaves lining a small dirt-pit. It felt so good to know a woman was the inventor of so much of that industry.

Pam Waterman
3D Printing Application Engineer
Phoenix Section 

Swe Forum: Bravo For The Sun Queen


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