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Building Section Membership Online Course

Members are the lifeblood of SWE. Learn to recruit and retain members suited to your section in SWE’s new Building Section Membership digital course.
Building Section Membership Online Course

A new online course has been published in SWE’s Advance Learning Center to help sections tackle the common problem of Building Section Membership. The course is recommended for all SWE sections and covers the topics of membership recruitment and retention.

Supplemented by various handouts and links to resources on the SWE website, this course can help sections turn around their SWE membership numbers!

By the end of this course, you should be able to:

  1. Identify and analyze current and potential member segments of your section.
  2. Fill out a Membership Building Worksheet.
  3. Outline strategies to recruit members based on a Membership Building Worksheet.
  4. Outline strategies to retain members based on a Membership Building Worksheet.

Building Section Membership Online Course

Building Section Membership is a mobile learning course that is compatible with a variety of devices for learning anywhere. The course is free for SWE members, and you can access it by logging in to the Advance Learning Center with your SWE username and password.

Once you have completed the course, reach out to your assigned SWE Leadership Coach to further assess and review your building membership worksheet. Please contact the LCC at SWE Leadership Coaches facilitate consulting sessions and provide development opportunities for all collegiate and professional sections, affiliates, and MALs. Take advantage of these resources by getting in contact with the LCC and your assigned SWE Leadership Coach.


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