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SWE’s Next Actions for Intentional Inclusion

This blog is written by SWE FY20 President-Elect, Heather Doty.
Swe’s Next Actions For Intentional Inclusion

Last week, SWE shared our resolve to stand together to demand justice and work together to turn our pain into purpose in the fight against systemic racism. This week, I’d like to share a few near-term actions SWE leadership is taking for equity within our organization.

SWE’s Board of Directors is the chief operational policy-setting body of the Society. We recognize we need more diverse voices to make the best possible decisions for SWE. We commit to naming at least one Black POC as Special Director for FY21.

Do you or someone you know have a passion for SWE’s mission, demonstrated skill as a change agent, experience as a leader of leaders, and a willingness to commit 5-15 hours per month to serve SWE from the time appointed until June 30, 2021? Current SWE membership not required.

Please submit your recommendations by June 19th.

Our Affinity Groups (AGs) continue to grow and thrive, providing meaningful connections for SWE members. To amplify the voices of these communities and further leverage their strengths for the betterment of SWE, we will provide each of SWE’s 11 Affinity Groups (AGs) with two sponsors from the Board of Directors. Sponsors will serve as allies and champions by listening intently to the needs of the AG; raising visibility, perception, and impact of the AG to the Board of Directors and the greater SWE community; strategically coaching and mentoring leaders in the AG; and recognizing and celebrating the accomplishments of AG members through formal and informal channels.

We will be scheduling a Listening Town Hall in July, the first of multiple forums to hear directly from SWE members that identify as a Person of Color about their SWE experiences and expectations.

Pending the outcome of the forum, there are multiple avenues that can be initiated to address the concerns of our members. These avenues could include a strategic initiative within the Senate, a society level task force, or additional goals in the operational plan. We do not want to assume at this moment in time that we understand which additional actions will serve us best on our continuing inclusion journey. We want to actively listen and engage, and will share the next steps in August.


Heather Doty

FY20 President-Elect

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  • Heather Doty, FY21 SWE President

    Heather Doty is a project engineer at Ball Aerospace in Boulder, Colorado. She works in the manufacturing and test operations organization on new business ventures, people integration, career development, staffing, and hiring. A senior life member of SWE, Doty joined the Society as a student at the University of Colorado Boulder. She served as FY18-19 Society treasurer and FY16 director of regions. She brings a long history of SWE experience at multiple levels of the organization, having served in nearly every officer position at the section and region levels. She has been recognized with the Region i “Inspirational” Distinguished Service Award, and as an Outstanding SWE Counselor and SWE Distinguished New Engineer.