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SWE Needs You! FY22 Call for Nominations

To all professional and collegiate SWE members, the deadline for submitting SWE FY22 leadership nominations is approaching. Make sure to nominate someone by Thursday, September 24!
Swe Needs You! Fy22 Call For Nominations

The deadline for SWE’s FY22 Call for Nominations is September 24, 2020. Nominate potential individuals for SWE leadership!

It is time to identify and nominate potential individuals for the FY22 Society Board of Directors, Board of Trustees, Senate leadership, Senate, and chair-elects for the five standing committees. And SWE needs you now more than ever. While the Society Nominating Committee is responsible for ensuring qualified candidates are slated for each position, it is the responsibility of all members to identify nominees for the future of the organization. Please take some time to consider who you feel has the skills and qualifications to best lead the Society, including yourself. If you feel someone else has the skills and qualifications, please reach out to them so they can submit the Nomination Application for Society Elected Leadership Positions form.

The deadline for submitting nominations is September 24, 2020 11:59 pm Central Time. 

At SWE, we acknowledge and respect the value of a diverse community. We recognize that the scope of diversity includes race/ethnicity, religion, family status, age, physical abilities, sexual and affectional orientation, actual or perceived gender, gender identity and expression, socio-economic status and occupational focus. Our society will maintain an environment that is supportive of these elements, and we will promote inclusion within our organization and the engineering community.

The Society Nominating Committee is charged with the responsibility for slating at least one qualified candidate for FY22 in each of the following positions. All positions are for one nominee and for a 2-year commitment, except where noted.

  • President-Elect
  • Secretary
  • Speaker of the Senate
  • Director (2 positions)
  • Collegiate Director
  • Trustee (2 positions, 3-year term)
  • Deputy Speaker of the Senate (1-year term)
  • Senate Secretary (1-year term)
  • Senator (7 positions, 3-year term)
  • Audit Committee Chair-Elect
  • Bylaws Committee Chair-Elect
  • Ethics Committee Chair-Elect
  • Finance Committee Chair-Elect
  • Nominating Committee Chair-Elect

Information on the eligibility, requirements, and responsibilities for each of the SWE leadership positions that are being slated for FY22 are outlined in the Nomination Application for Society Elected Leadership Positions Appendix.

Nominees are to reflect and embrace SWE’s Mission, Vision, and Core Values.  The nominated candidates will be leading the Society in accomplishing our Strategic Goals (Professional Excellence, Globalization, Advocacy, and Diversity & Inclusion). Nominees should possess the six SWE Leadership Competencies of:

  • Communication
  • Self-Management and Development
  • Business Acumen
  • Coaching, Mentorship and Sponsorship
  • Leadership Abilities
  • Diversity and Inclusion

The FY22 nominees for the Board of Directors positions should also possess skills and experiences in the following areas:

  • Diversity & inclusion: Promote diversity and demonstrate inclusive behavior
  • Strategic thinking
  • Financial reporting
  • Team building and conflict resolution
  • Communication and socialization skills
  • Global perspective

The FY22 nominees for the Board of Trustees positions should possess skills and experiences in the following areas:

  • An understanding of global economies and financial markets
  • Skills in evaluation of investment portfolios
  • The ability to make a long-term commitment of at least 3 years
  • The ability to attend a minimum of four face-to-face meetings yearly.
    Note: The Society realizes travel is restricted due to COVID-19. Virtual options will be made available as needed.
  • The ability to invest 8-12 hours a month in meetings and assignments
  • Skills in absorbing and analyzing large quantities of information
  • Experience in accounting and financial reporting, while not required, is desired
  • Candidates for the Board of Trustees should possess the competencies outlined in the SWE Trustee Leadership Competency Model

The FY22 nominees for the Senate positions should possess skills and experiences in the following areas:

  • Consistent communication and collaboration skills in virtual and face-to-face environments
  • Ability to listen and distill large amounts of information
  • Availability for the long-term commitment (3-year term) and flexibility to incorporate SWE’s global perspectives
  • Strategic planning experience and/or strategic thinking skills
  • Leadership and change management
  • Self-motivated and goal orientated

Instructions for Nominations

  • The deadline for submitting nominations is September 24, 2020 11:59 pm Central Time. 
  • A Nomination Application for FY22 Society Elected Leadership Positions form is required to be completed for each nominee. The form must be submitted on-line prior to the nomination deadline in order for the nominee to be considered.
  • Once the application form is completed on-line, the nominee will receive an email confirming completion.
  • The nomination process is for self-nominations only.
  • For the references, please provide minimum of two (2) references and up to three (3) total references. The references may be any combination from academia, industry, service organization(s) including SWE bosses and SWE colleagues (as some SWE roles do not have associated SWE bosses), etc.
  • The information gathered during the Society nomination process is highly confidential information and is not shared by committee members outside the committee. In order to preserve the integrity of the process, any questions or concerns about individual candidates that arise outside of the normal feedback process must be directed to the Society nominating committee chair. Please respect that committee members are duty-bound not to discuss with others information related to individual candidates.
  • SWE members may not serve in more than one Society leadership position in a given fiscal year.
  • Once nominations close, eligibility will be verified.
  • Please familiarize yourself with the SWE Policy on Campaigning and Endorsement of Candidates.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email Thank you.

FY21 Society Nominating Committee

Stacey DelVecchio, Chair Central Illinois Section
Heather Bernardin, Chair-Elect Philadelphia Section
Allison Pedersen Minnesota Section
Allison Wright Santa Clara Valley Section
Bralade Koroye-Emenanjo Houston Area Section
Brittney Elko Mt. Diablo Section
Christine Heinrichs Central Ohio Section
Diana Joch Member at Large
Elizabeth Bierman Minnesota Section
Erica Brackman Member at Large
Jenny Lynch North Country Section
Marcella Vaicik Chicago Regional Section

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