WE20 Recap: Week 1

Check out our every-other-day WE20 recap videos or see the list of daily highlights from our first week of WE20 programming!
What To Expect At We20: Mega Sessions

Our first-ever virtual SWE conference—WE20—officially kicked off on Monday, November 2, 2020! We’ve been thrilled to see the number of truly engaged attendees (over 17,000!), and want to thank you all for embracing this new conference format. Check out our every-other-day recap videos or see the list of daily highlights from our first week of WE20 programming:

Day 1: Monday, November 2

Monday Highlight:

MEGA SESSION: Erica Dhawan

Digital Body Language: The New Rules of Trust and Communication – now available on demand to WE20 attendees.

In her WE20 Mega Session, speaker Erica Dhawan taught us how to:

  • Identify our digital body language style and what signals we are broadcasting (even if we don’t intend to!).
  • Reduce the confusion and frustration that comes with communication across all our various mediums, like email, phone, IM, text, video apps and even live meetings.
  • Build our digital body language presence skills to build trust and connection with others, no matter the distance.

Leaderboard Challenge

Mondays’s top five WE20 attendees in the running for free registration to WE21:

  1. Shamonique Mattox – 62,390 points
  2. Natalie Rozinoyer – 37,930 points
  3. Mariah Cushman – 27,265 points
  4. Natasha Roberts – 26,940 points
  5. Ebony Nelson – 28,230 points

Day 2: Tuesday, November 3

Tuesday Highlight:

Session Recap: The Why and How of Being on a Corporate Board

From SWE’s executive director, Karen Horting

After attending “The Why and How of Being on a Corporate Board” with Past SWE Presidents Jill Tietjen and Stacey DelVecchio, I’m ready to develop my value statement and create my board resume. It was great to see that Jill emphasized the importance of networking, especially since we still have time to do more networking at WE20.

Also: when evaluating board positions, make sure the values of the organization align with your values. Corporate board positions are a lot of work, but you are compensated.

Being on a variety of not for profit boards is a good way to learn valuable board skills prior to being on a corporate board.

Leaderboard Challenge

Tuesday’s top five WE20 attendees in the running for free registration to WE21:

  1. Shamonique Mattox – 63,090 points
  2. Natasha Roberts – 56,965 points
  3. Natalie Rozinoyer – 55,705 points
  4. Ebony Nelson – 47,470 points
  5. Pooja Vemu – 46,190 points

Day 3: Wednesday, November 4

Wednesday Highlights:

MEGA SESSION: Selena Rezvani

Negotiate Like a Boss: How to Be a Fierce Self-Advocate –  now available on demand to WE20 attendees.

More than 1,400 attendees tuned in for Selena Rezvani’s Mega Session. In this session, Rezvani taught us how to:

  • Contrast the three stages of negotiation-type conversations including preparation, maneuvering through the conversation, and closing.
  • Identify six influencing techniques that move negotiations forward, evaluating when they are most/least appropriate in a conversation.
  • Apply body language and non-verbal principles that demonstrate power and authority, by practicing two key body poses.

Career Fair

The virtual career fair began Wednesday and continues into Thursday, Nov. 5. The career fair resumes again next week, November 9-10 from 11am-3pm CT.

Leaderboard Challenge

Wednesday’s top five WE20 attendees in the running for free registration to WE21:

  1. Natalie Rozinoyer – 67,470 points
  2. Natasha Roberts – 64,830 points
  3. Shamonique Mattox – 63,140 points
  4. Ebony Nelson – 59,370 points
  5. Francesca Johnson – 47,305 points

Day 4: Thursday, November 5

Thursday Highlights:


Senior Vice President of Supply Chain, PepsiCo Foods North America – now available on-demand to WE20 attendees.

In her WE20 keynote, Laura taught us that learning to recognize doubts, seizing opportunities, and being true to your personal style are just a few ways that we can fuel self-confidence and cast aside the doubt.

Awards announced during the opening keynote:

State of Women in Engineering

This panel—with speakers Peggy Layne, P.E., F.SWE; Roberta Rincon, Ph.D.; and Michelle Brown—discussed updates on SWE’s own research studies, including findings on the impact of COVID-19 on women in engineering. The discussion also expanded on the research shared in SWE Magazine’s State of Women in Engineering 2020 issue regarding “the broken rung,”— which has been identified as a barrier to women’s  success.

Leaderboard Challenge

Thursday’s top five WE20 attendees in the running for free registration to WE21:

  1. Danielle Sawyer – 74,080 points
  2. Natalie Rozinoyer – 68,280 points
  3. Natasha Roberts – 65,505 points
  4. Ebony Nelson – 64,880 points
  5. Shamonique Mattox – 63,190 points

Day 5: Friday, November 6

Friday Highlight:


Corporate Vice President, Design Engineering Group & General Manager, IP Engineering Group at Intel – now available on-demand to WE20 attendees.

More than 1,200 attendees tuned in for Sundari Mitra’s Keynote presentation. In her keynote, Mitra inspired us to embrace our passion for engineering and entrepreneurial spirit.

Awards announced during the Friday keynote:

Day 6: Saturday, November 7

Saturday Highlights:


Life Is Your Best Medicine –  now available on demand to WE20 attendees.

During her WE20 Mega Session, Dr. Low Dog—an internationally recognized expert in the fields of integrative medicine, dietary supplements, herbal medicine and women’s health—taught us how to:

  • Recognize the effects of chronic stress on work performance and risk for depression, anxiety, heart disease and other diseases.
  • Understand how meditation, physical activity, rest, music, and other lifestyle factors can positively impact physical and emotional health.
  • Identify strategies for reducing fatigue, improving sleep and increasing emotional well-being.
  • Improve our nutrition.


Vice President and President Components Business, Cummins Inc. – now available on-demand to WE20 attendees.

In her WE20 keynote, Jennifer Rumsey discussed her realization that one does not need to be Superwoman to be successful in one’s career and personal life. She addressed being confident in yourself, being real and having impact in work and life.

Awards announced during the Saturday afternoon keynote:

Team Tech Competition – Sponsored by The Boeing Company

  • 1st Place: California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo working with Universal Studios
    Standardized Wheelchair for Ride Integration
  • 2nd Place: Purdue University working with L3Harris
    CubeSat GPS-RO Mission
  • 3rd Place: University of Puerto Rico – Mayaguez working with Baxter Healthcare, Guayama PR.
    Improved Changeover Time for Capper and Case Packer Machines at Fill-and- Pack Production Line #2

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