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Podcast: The Cost of Cultural Ignorance in Business

When it comes to our careers and business operations, what can we stand to gain—or lose—through cultural understanding or a lack thereof?
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Episode 77: Allyson Stewart-Allen on the Cost of Cultural Ignorance

Allyson Stewart-Allen

What is the cost of cultural ignorance when it comes to our business operations?

In this SWE Diverse episode, FY19 SWE President Cindy Hoover speaks with WE19 Mega Session speaker Allyson Stewart-Allen about the importance of cultural understanding in our careers and business operations. Allyson is Chief Executive at International Marketing Partners and an award-winning international business consultant. A Californian based in Europe for over 25 years, Allyson is an expert on brand internationalization, and her knowledge is sought by leading businesses across the globe. In this episode, she’ll discuss the benefits of understanding different cultures, the cost of ignorance when it comes to other cultures, and what you can expect from her WE19 Mega Session, “Influencing Across Cultures.”

“[Peter Drucker] is credited with saying, ‘culture eats strategy for breakfast,’ and I really, honestly believe that that’s true. I think unless you factor in the role of a business culture in how you go about growing your business and how you go about engaging people from all over the world, it will definitely undermine your best efforts.”

– Allyson Stewart-Allen, award-winning international business consultant

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