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WE20 Recap: Week 2

Check out our every-other-day WE20 recap videos or see the list of daily highlights from our second week of WE20 programming!
What To Expect At We20: Mega Sessions

Our first-ever virtual SWE conference—WE20—officially kicked off on Monday, November 2, 2020! We’ve been thrilled to see the number of truly engaged attendees (over 17,000!), and want to thank you all for embracing this new conference format. Check out our every-other-day recap videos or see the list of daily highlights from our second week of WE20 programming:

Day 8: Monday, November 9

Monday Highlights:


President of Upstream Business Development and Integrated Solutions, ExxonMobil – now available on-demand to WE20 attendees.

900+ attendees joined us Monday morning for an amazing keynote from Linda DuCharme and some of her special guests! In her keynote, Linda shared her own hard-earned lessons of learning to thrive and lead in the male-dominated world of oil and gas and offered straight-talk advice for engineers who want to succeed on their own terms and, in turn, help others achieve their own personal and career goals.

Awards announced during the opening keynote:

Q&A and Book Launch: 2020 Achievement Award Recipient Jayshree Seth

Jayshree Seth Heart of Science book coverOur 2020 Achievement Award recipient, Jayshree Seth, spoke with SWE CEO, Karen Horting, about Jayshree’s new book entitled, The Heart of Science — Engineering Footprints, Fingerprints, & Imprints. The paperback (available now!) is the newest offering from SWE publishing, and all proceeds of this book go to the Jayshree Seth Scholarship for Women of Color in STEM to be administered annually by SWE.

Compiled from a successful corporate career that spans over 25 years, 70 patents, and national and international accolades, Jayshree discusses our relationship with science and engineering while offering her unique perspective on topics surrounding advocacy, interdisciplinary contexts, thoughtful leadership, and inclusive progress.

Leaderboard Challenge

Mondays’s top five WE20 attendees in the running for free registration to WE21:

  1. Danielle Sawyer – 76,730 points

  2. Ebony Nelson – 71,230 points

  3. Natalie Rozinoyer – 70,945 points

  4. Francesca Johnson – 68,830 points

  5. Natasha Roberts – 67,155 points

Day 9: Tuesday, November 10

Tuesday Highlight:

MEGA SESSION: Gloria Cotton

Subtle Acts of Exclusion: Addressing Microaggressions –  now available on demand to WE20 attendees.

More than 900 attendees tuned in for Gloria Cottons’s Mega Session. The session chat was lively and worth checking out if you were not able to attend. As Gloria said, “Inclusion is not a spectator sport.” So be sure to watch it on demand. In this session, Cotton taught us how to:

  • Discuss the concept of Subtle Acts of Exclusion (SAEs), including what different marginalized identities experience and how those experiences can be bridges or barriers to workplace inclusion.
  • Recall the framework of 8 types of SAE’s and how they implicitly exclude people.
  • Practice four guidelines for speaking up in safe and productive ways.

Leaderboard Challenge

Tuesday’s top five WE20 attendees in the running for free registration to WE21:

  1. Danielle Sawyer – 77,880 points
  2. Ebony Nelson – 77,530 points
  3. Natalie Rozinoyer – 72,295 points
  4. Francesca Johnson – 72,280 points
  5. Christina Gray – 68,890 points

Day 10: Wednesday, November 11

Wednesday Highlight:

MEGA SESSION: Anne Collier

Style Matters: How Cognitive Diversity Affects Your Work –  now available on demand to WE20 attendees.

Have you ever wondered why a colleague, friend, or family member seems to approach life so differently? They are either overly structured, or not at all.  These differences seem to get in the way of productivity, but they don’t have to. In her WE20 Mega Session, Anne Collier taught us about different problem-solving styles and how style affects collaboration, management, and leadership.

Day 11: Thursday, November 12

Thursday Highlight:

On-Demand Sessions

Check out Thursday’s sessions which are all available on demand!

  • Time Satisfaction: Because There Are No More Minutes!
  • Recruiting Diverse Student Bodies: Linking Communal Goals with Engineering Practice
  • Naval Officers Who Build Things on Land: Leading Opportunities for Engineers in the US Navy
  • Getting Better All the Time: Continuous Improvement 101
  • “Beg, Borrow and Sell” –Unlocking $M of Waste in Corporations
  • Play It to Win:Strategies for Millennials Starting in Corporate America
  • Why Bother with SWE ERG?

Day 12: Friday, November 13

Friday Highlight:

On-Demand Sessions

Check out Friday’s sessions which are all available on demand!

  • Right User, Right Context, Right Time: Study of Manufacturing Data
  • Culture and Gender – Clash or Collaboration?
  • Your Next Promotion: Getting There and the Aftermath
  • WE Local LAB
  • Far from Home: Leaving the Familiar for New Opportunities
  • Become Savvy about Business Savvy
  • Driving Industry and Academic Alignment
  • Blockchain Technology in Transformation of Business
  • Demystifying Academic Institution Types and Associated

​​​On behalf of the entire SWE staff and Board of Directors we want to thank you for being part of WE20! Make sure to check out all the sessions still available and happening today. And don’t forget: the WE20 platform and all the great content will be available, on demand, for a full year!
We look forward to seeing you at WE21 in Indianapolis, Indiana in 2021!


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