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Connecting Across the Globe: SWEsters from Pittsburgh and Chennai

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The great scientist Thomas Edison once said, “Good fortune is what happens when opportunity meets with planning.”

We agree with Mr. Edison, and we really think the meeting between the SWE Pittsburg section and the SWE Chennai Affiliate was a fantastic opportunity for us to understand the good deeds and events taking place in different parts of the world. The meeting began with introductions just like any other meeting, but ended with a sisterly bond. We were happy to greet each other and talk more about SWE. The Pittsburg team started their slide show and explained about teams and how well they’re managed with various people. It was a great pleasure to see some dynamic women who were very passionate about STEM.

SWE Chennai and SWE Pittsburgh virtual meeting
SWE Chennai and SWE Pittsburgh virtual meeting

During our meeting, we learned our SWE Pittsburgh sisters had created and led an innovative event to raise funds for outreach—they raised funds for young girls through cooking! The Chennai team discussed our super hit, “Industrial Visit”, which happened last year, and also added slides about our successful school visits and outreach programs. We also talked about the usage of SWE’s Advance Learning Center where many of SWE’s great leadership videos and educational webinars are hosted. We all agreed to a common fact that SWE is a great forum for leadership development and opportunities; One of the best parts of SWE is the continuous learning.

The Pittsburg team has a lot of previous experience in various STEM programs and events, and have created an organized curriculum which can be re-used in other SWE communities. We were also discussing the challenges and opportunities of hosting such SWE events on either side of the world. We were all on the same page that women can change the world, but we have to bring other women up to speed for the change to happen.  The Pittsburg team thanked the Chennai team for their SWE Section goals and their contributions to various SWE initiatives in India. We encourage more sections to meet up with other affiliates across the globe to learn best practices and solutions that can lead to wonderful momentum of opportunities to grow and make connections!

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