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Fourth Annual SWE Brazil Event is a Success

Hundreds gathered for a two-day virtual event designed to offer networking, business development opportunities and career inspiration for women across Brazil.
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Motivated by the success of the previous SWE events in Brazil, this year Brazilian leaders from the four professional affiliates (Porto Alegre Metropolitan Region, Horizontina, Catalão, and Campinas Metropolitan Region) joined efforts to host another successful virtual event. It was a great opportunity to share and learn about self-development, leadership, diversity, and inclusion insights with women in STEM.

This was the second time holding the event 100% online, allowing us again to reach a huge amount of people!  From across the country about 400 attendees participated including STEM leaders, professionals from different companies, and students from distant universities, to celebrate and empower women in engineering.

In addition, the event included a public, hands-on challenge for the first time. Participants were given a scenario and asked to provide advice to a woman experiencing a workplace challenge. The three best answers were given the opportunity to share their advice during the second day of the program. Curious to see the scenario and winning advice? Check it out here.

Fourth Annual SWE Brazil Event is a Success -

Day 1 was full of networking and business development opportunities, including:

  • “Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Introduction” by Wellington Silverio, John Deere Latin American Human Resources Director
  • “SWE Welcome” by Karen Horting, SWE Executive Director and CEO
  • “Brazil SWE Overview” by SWE Ambassador Thais Vital and Friend of SWE Flavia Oliveira
  • “Applied Scrum” by Guilherme Beras, John Deere Factory Execution Manager
  • Career Case with Claudia Vergueiro Massei, CEO at Siemens in Oman and Young Global Leader at World Economic Forum
  • “Business Actions Panel – Round Table” with Daniela Pio, John Deere DEI & Talent Acquisition Manager; Cristiane Iata, Head of Talent VP Projects at ACATE – Santa Catarina Technology Association; and Renata Moraes, ImpulsoBeta CEO and Founder

Day 2 was designed to inspire the next generation and was full of discussions and content about career opportunities, including:

  • “Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Introduction” by Rodrigo Bonato, John Deere Regional Director ISG – Intelligent Solutions Group
  • “SWE Welcome” by Karen Horting, SWE Executive Director and CEO
  • “SWE Universities Overview” by SWE University Affiliate Member Raissa Paiva, Daise Ribeiro, Julia Matiazzo and Luisa Muller
  • “Recruitment Processes: How To stand Out” by Aline Aliaga, Siemens Energy Senior Recruitment & Selection Analyst
  • “Open Innovation” with Adriana Lucia, Board Member at AgTech Garage
  • “Different Generations in the Market” by Mariana Kobayashi, Data and Digital Projects Coordinator & Speaker at TotalEnergies
  • “Conference Challenge Presentation” by Carolina Franzo, John Deere Staff Facilities Engineer Environmental, and the challenge winners.

The organizers were thoughtful to promote diversity and inclusion throughout the planning process and provided Brazilian Sign Language interpreters for all 8 hours of the event. There was an extraordinary exchange of experiences and, in the end, participants had overwhelmingly positive feedback with an overall survey rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

To learn more about SWE’s activities in Brazil, visit their website and follow @swebrasil on Instagram.

Thank you all for your participation in the 4th Annual SWE Brazil Conference!


  • Thais Vital 

    Thais Vital, Product Design Engineer at John Deere Catalão, is the main contact for Sugarcane Harvester electrical systems, cab and software in Brazil. Thais graduated in mechatronics engineering from Federal University of Uberlândia and is a current SWE Global Ambassador and Catalão Affiliate Leader.

  • Flavia Oliveira

    Flavia Barone de Oliveira is a Materials Engineer by UFSCar, Senior Technology Engineer at Whirlpool in Rio Claro - Brazil, and Six Sigma Black Belt certified. Flavia is a Friend of SWE since 2019 at the Campinas Metropolitan Region Affiliate.

  • Tatiani Reino

    Tatiani Reino is a Safety Professional and Production Engineering student, Pl Engineering Analyst at John Deere in Indaiatuba - Brazil. Tatiani is a SWE member since 2018, Communication Team Leader, and Vice Chair at the Campinas Metropolitan Region Affiliate.