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SWE’s Top Ten Webinars of 2021

SWE’s Top Ten Webinars of 2021 -

Here are the top ten webinars of 2021!

10. When No Is Better Than Yes: Negotiating for Time Relationships And Sanity In Academia

Reclaim your time and learn some problem-solving negotiation strategies so you can say yes to the opportunities that align with your goals.

9. How to Show Up and Show Out at a Virtual Career Fair

Learn the tips and tricks for navigating virtual career fairs so you can stand out from the digital crowd.

8. Strategic Pivot: Pandemic Management & Beyond

Managers will learn organizational strategies to help pivot through a post-pandemic world.

7. The Resume: What Do Recruiters Want?

Get the inside scoop from two experts in the field on how to convince the hiring “gatekeepers” that you are right for the job.

6. Higher Ground: A Journey through the Halls of Academia

Join Dr. Linda Katehi to discuss her storied career in academia, hear lessons learned from her experiences, and discuss strategies and tools to advance in leadership roles within academia.

5. Difficult Conversations about Race & Gender: Building the Skills for Productive Engagement

This webinar will teach you how to productively engage in the sensitive and important work surrounding workplace conversations about race and gender.

4. Empowering Women at Work: Why and How to Sponsor Others

Designed for women in senior level positions who wish to dismantle professional barriers by being an effective ally and ambassador for others.

3. Get Out of Your Own Head: Understanding and Unraveling Stereotype Threat

Watch this webinar to learn more about what stereotype threat is, who it affects, and strategies for overcoming it.

2. Building Rapport: The Lost Art and Science of Effective Workplace Relationships

Identify techniques that open the door to establishing and maintaining an emotional connection with others in the workplace to improve collaboration and foster a positive company culture.

1. Navigating Successfully Through Workplaces Shaped by Subtle Bias

The most popular webinar of the year! Professor Joan Williams’ researched-based focus on identifying and providing tools for interrupting workplace bias.


So what are you going to watch in the new year? Visit SWE’s Advance Learning Center for more information on these webinars and others. Enjoy a live webinar or replay any existing one at your convenience. The majority are free to all SWE members, and a great way to enhance your professional development.




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