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SWE Diverse Podcast: Lisa M.P. Munoz Pt. 2

Check out this special episode of Diverse for Women's History Month.
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On this episode of Diverse, Rachel Morford, President of the Society of Women Engineers, sits down with Lisa M.P. Munoz, author of an upcoming book that will bring to light research-based solutions to make the culture of science more diverse, inclusive, and equitable for everyone. This is Lisa’s second episode on Diverse, you can check out her first episode here.

Published by Columbia University Press, the book will take readers through groundbreaking studies and research in social psychology and organizational behavior that are informing novel approaches and interventions for combating historic and ongoing inequities in science — showing how science itself can help fix science. Along the way, readers will learn about historic women in science, new areas of psychology research focused on intersectionality, and thought-provoking facts and figures.

Listen to the episode to hear about Lisa’s research on how women’s inequities for women in the STEM workforce have evolved over time, the potential causes for women being uncredited and underrepresented, and a few stories about forgotten women in science. This includes stories about women like physicist Lise Meitner (pictured below and featured in the book her daughter is reading) and information about novel research studies like this paper about opt-out framing to close the gender gap for competitive processes.

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Lisa with her younger daughter with one of her favorite books, Stolen Science: Thirteen Untold Stories of Scientists and inventors Almost Written Out of History by Ella Schwartz.

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Guest: Lisa M.P. Munoz

Lisa Munoz

Lisa M.P. Munoz has been hooked on science since she took a picture of a fly’s eye with a scanning electron microscope when she was 14. Throughout her 20-year career as a science communicator, she has translated complex scientific topics into digestible stories for broad audiences. Lisa began her career as a radio producer, then worked as a magazine reporter and editor for Geotimes magazine, served as a press officer for the World Meteorological Organization in Geneva, Switzerland, and founded a science communications consulting firm in 2012.

As Founder and President of SciComm Services, Inc., Lisa works with a variety of academic groups, nonprofits, and startups across the sciences on strategic communication and content development. She was publicist for the documentary film PICTURE A SCIENTIST, and is now working on a book about science-based solutions to bias and discrimination against women in science. Lisa has an engineering degree from Cornell University with a specialization in science writing. She lives with her husband and two daughters in the Washington D.C. area.

Host: Rachel Morford

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Rachel Morford is a principal director at The Aerospace Corporation in El Segundo, California, where she manages a team responsible for the integration of multiple space and ground programs. In previous roles, Morford led the Aerospace team supporting the production, launch, and on-orbit testing of three high-value communication satellites; provided technical leadership and supported strategic development of international agreements between the U.S. Air Force and other nations; and spent several years as a systems engineer working on national security launches.

A senior life member of SWE, Morford joined the Society as a student at the University of Southern California. She has held several leadership roles in SWE at all levels, including chair of the collegiate leadership coaching committee, region governor, Los Angeles Section president, and director of advocacy. Morford is a recipient of the SWE Distinguished New Engineer and the We Local ELiTE awards.

Morford holds B.S. and M.S. degrees in electrical engineering from the University of Southern California and a certificate in technical management from the University of California, Los Angeles. An active alumna, Morford serves on the USC Alumni Association Board of Governors and the Viterbi Emerging Leaders Board. She enjoys spending time with her husband, Matthew, and their daughter Emily.



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