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Title IX Anniversary: Landmark Legislation Turns 50

On the Title IX anniversary, learn about the progress made since this legislation passed in 1972.
Title IX Anniversary cover photo of a women in STEM looking through a microscope

Title IX is 50! This year marks a milestone anniversary for the federal statute that has helped girls and women advance in a variety of educational spheres, including athletics, scholarships, and STEM.

In recognition of the 50th Title IX anniversary, the National Coalition for Women and Girls in Education (NCWGE) released a report that outlines the progress made since the 1972 passage of this legislation and the challenges we still face in combating sex discrimination and ensuring educational equity.

The report contains nine issue briefs:

Title IX Anniversary: SWE Research & Advocacy Updates

Upon the report’s release, the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) Executive Director and CEO Karen Horting stated, “The 50th Anniversary of Title IX provides an excellent opportunity to celebrate hard-won gains. But for women in STEM, there is still much to do. Our recent 20-year review of STEM research revealed that women still face enormous barriers to achievement, success, and equity in school and career. This occasion calls for a recommitment to establish a safe and equitable culture in STEM education and the workplace that allows everyone to contribute and succeed.”

SWE Associate Director of Research, Roberta Rincon, Ph.D., worked with Mimi Lufkin, CEO emerita at the National Alliance for Partnerships in Equity (NAPE), to coauthor the issue brief on STEM & CTE. They note that while Title IX has helped increase access to STEM and CTE courses and activities for girls and women, accountability is inconsistent when it comes to handling sexual harassment and discrimination complaints. Students and educators are also often unaware of their rights under Title IX. Restoring and strengthening Title IX protections, which were weakened under the Trump administration, may help us in our efforts to close the gender gap in STEM and CTE.

The Department of Education recently released proposed changes to Title IX regulations to help elementary and secondary schools, as well as colleges and universities, with implementation. The proposed changes aim to ensure that all students receive the supports they need to access all areas of education while confirming that schools have procedures in place to handle sexual harassment and discrimination complaints promptly and effectively. View the Department of Education’s June 23, 2022, press release here. The National Women’s Law Center has prepared a detailed document explaining the proposed changes to the Title IX rules, which can be downloaded from their website.


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