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SWE Public Policy: Federal Budget & Appropriations 101 Webinar Recording

Learn about SWE's upcoming advocacy agenda along with the basics of federal budgets, appropriations and allocations via this recent webinar.
Washington Update: Looking Forward To 2017

In advance of SWE’s 2019 Congressional Outreach Days (check out 2018’s recap podcast), SWE hosted a webinar focused on understanding the basics of the federal budget & appropriations process and how this affects federal agencies and STEM funding. While this webinar was designed for SWE members attending our March outreach event in DC, members who are interested in learning more about these processes and who want to increase their ability to advocate for women in STEM are also encouraged to watch.




  • Asha Balakrishnan, Science and Technology Policy Institute (STPI)
  • Della Cronin, Bose Washington Affairs Group

Learn more about the presenters here.

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