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Aspiring SWEet Resolutions

In this post pandemic, virtual intensive world, we know it is important that SWE chapters and groups connect across multiple social media and virtual platforms.
IMAB wants to help you Virtually Connect! - IMAB

A new calendar year is upon us which often prompts a new slate or fresh start. For some this may even result in declaring New Year resolutions. These resolutions are often goals in which a person resolves to continue or begin certain practices, change an undesirable behavior, or achieve an accomplishment. When you think about resolutions, typically you may reflect on the impact you want to have in this new year or perhaps how you can be your best self to impact others. As SWE members and advocates, you can have impact on building effective local SWE sections and affiliates, but perhaps it does not stop there -think Globally.

SWE is dedicated to supporting engineers and technologists, no matter where they are in the world. SWE has a growing global presence and diversity initiatives happening around the world. There are so many different global opportunities and programs for members and partners to get involved and connect with the SWE network.

Or maybe meeting your resolutions starts with attending a SWE event or joining a committee? WE Locals are approaching soon as early as next month with WE Local Detroit occurring February 17-18th. And note registration is still open! And of course, there are numerous committees to join whether Conference Advisory Board (CAB), Outreach Committee, Integrated Marketing Advisory Board (IMAB), Bylaws Committee, Ethics Committee just to name a few. These committees’ aides in SWE’s talent development process, so yes they need you!! Be sure to apply to committee and society leadership opportunities to progress SWE forward to support our growing needs in the engineering profession.

Whatever your resolutions may be for 2023, there are so many opportunities to advance and achieve those with SWE. Make 2023 the best year yet!


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