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Collaborating to Support our Global Affiliates!

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This year we passed an exciting milestone for SWE’s Global programming – we now have 100 Global Affiliates! For those who aren’t familiar with our Global Affiliates, you can learn more on the SWE global website. The Leadership Coaching Committee provides Coaches to Affiliates who request one and this year, we have added coaches and have assigned one to every Affiliate requesting a Coach to support their growth and organization. While not a requirement, most of our Global Coaches either currently live, or have at some point lived outside the US. This experience enables our coaches to better understand and relate to our global members.

As mentioned in last year’s post, our Affiliates have some challenges which are unique to global affiliates, including managing finances and brand recognition which affects member recruitment, fundraising, etc. LCC has been collaborating with other parts of SWE including the SWE Global staff, the Board of Directors, Membership Committee, and the Scholarship Chair to provide support for our Global Affiliates. HQ has implemented a pilot of Bill Highway, an online banking system designed to help Affiliates manage their finances and accept sponsorships. Scholarships have been made available in India, and we are exploring the best ways to expand the scholarship program to other countries as well.

As our Affiliates continue to grow, we hope to get them more involved in Society committees and activities. For now, they are excited to establish their local organizations, attract new members and grow their local networks. HQ has been hosting regional networking calls which anyone can participate in. Care to join? Keep an eye on the SWE newsletter for upcoming dates.

Looking for ways your Section can support our Global Affiliates, or just make some new friends? Some Sections have been pairing up with Global Affiliates through LCC’s Sister Section program to provide additional networking opportunities and guidance on hosting events, recruiting members and running a section. You can find a list of affiliates on the global website linked above. Some natural pairings occur when a company in your area also sponsors a Global Affiliate, or if an Affiliate exists in the hometown of one of your Section leaders. Feel free to reach out and make connections, but if you’d like an introduction or to be paired with an Affiliate, you’re welcome to email the LCC: We do recommend a 2 year commitment and a single point of contact for the Affiliate.


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