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What Recruiters Look for at Virtual Career Fairs

Use these tips to make a positive first impression with recruiters, then register for SWE’s upcoming Virtual Career Fair for Professionals on May 8!
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Virtual career fairs have become a cornerstone of modern recruiting strategies, offering engineers and employers a convenient way to connect with each other regardless of geography.

On the candidate side, virtual career fairs aren’t just about submitting resumes; they’re about building meaningful connections, showcasing your talent and personality, and finding the role that matches your unique skills and goals.

Wondering what recruiters are looking for at these events? Make a memorable impression during your virtual career fair experience by keeping these four questions in mind:

The Society of Women Engineers (SWE) is hosting a virtual career fair for engineering professionals with at least three years of professional experience in the engineering and technology fields on Wednesday, May 8. Candidates and employers can find out more details and register here today.

1. Are You Prepared?

Since virtual career fairs don’t happen every day, you may be using the software platform for the first time (or the first time since last year!). Make sure to upload your resume and explore the online lobby before the virtual career fair begins. This will give you an extra boost of confidence when it comes time to navigate the platform, chatting with recruiters, and interviewing for professional engineering roles during the fair.


2. Did You Target the Opportunity?

Now is not the time to apply to every company and opportunity you see ― and frankly, there is never a good time for that! Recruiters can sense a generic application, or a candidate who didn’t do any research, from a mile away.

Take some time before the event to explore the participating companies and opportunities and select three to five to target. By planning your time at the virtual career fair wisely, you can focus on meeting the right people and preparing strategically for those conversations.

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3. Do Your Skills Align With the Role?

When choosing the companies and roles to target, make sure they align with your education, location, skills, past experiences and career goals. That being said, if a role seems exciting but you don’t meet 100% of the job requirements, don’t hold yourself back! You can still throw your hat into the ring and apply ― just be sure to have some talking points ready that clearly lay out your transferable skills and how your past experiences connect to these job functions.

4. Are You Enthusiastic?

Recruiters talk to numerous people every day, so after a while candidates start to blend together. A little enthusiasm and authenticity go a long way to stand out and make an impression. Smile, ask genuine questions and find ways to weave in that you researched the company and are excited for the chance to contribute. While many engineers may have a similar technical background to you, showcasing your personality will set you apart.

woman engineer reviewing her resume to prepare for a virtual career fair

If you have 3+ years of professional experience in the engineering and technology fields post-undergraduate degree and are looking for your next role, or if you are a company looking to fill professional-level engineering and technology positions, we invite you to join us at the SWE Virtual Career Fair for Professionals taking place May 8!

In addition to the Virtual Career Fair for Professionals, SWE has a variety of resources to help women engineers succeed in their careers:

  • Advance Learning Center ― Explore our offering of more than 200 online courses to build a new skill or hone an existing one, many offering CEUs/PDHs.  You’re sure to find one that fits your needs and your busy schedule. New courses are constantly being developed based on identified learning needs.
  • Reentry Programs ― Looking to return to the engineering field after a career break? The STEM Reentry Task Force features a list of nearly 30 companies offering reentry programs.
  • eXXec ― SWE’s executive leadership program, a prestigious three-day event for mid- to senior-level professionals, was created to empower engineers to effect greater change within their organizations.
  • SWE Mentor Network ― Tap into this exclusive members-only community for mentoring services from members from across the globe in your area of engineering.
  • Career Center ― SWE’s premier online recruitment resource for leading companies in the engineering and technology field committed to advancing women in STEM, with 10,000+ job postings from more than 650 employers, including the world’s largest engineering and technology firms.


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