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SWENext Club Feature: Libya SWENext Club

The LYBOTICS organization, the organization for robotics clubs in Libya, became a FIRST Tech Challenge partner in 2021 and continues its work for women in engineering.
All-Girls Robotics Club Competing in Libya

Libya SWENext was founded in 2021 by Dr. Tracy Nguyen, the current Outreach Chair for SWE San Diego and an ardent advocate for STEM education for young girls. The organization is made up of 41% girls and 59% boys.

Dr. Nguyen has been a phenomenal supporter of the country, beginning in 2020 with Libya’s inaugural year participating in the FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC). She is a deserving recipient of the 2023 WE Local Engaged Advocate Award. We are grateful for her support of young girls in Libya to pursue a STEM education.

All Girl Robotics Team In Libya
All-Girls Robotics Teams in FTC Libya Tournaments

The goals of Libya SWENext are to increase inclusivity and equity in learning opportunities for girls in engineering and create a community where women lift each other up to achieve their goals and work together on different projects.

Among its many achievements, the club encourages FIRST Tech Challenge all-girls robotics teams and female fans to partake in the FTC, attend global virtual SWENext club events, and engage in activities to connect and expand their horizons about women in STEM  ― all to inspire their peers and the community around them.

Notable accomplishments include the club’s participation in several global virtual STEM conferences to help provide exposure to Libya’s female STEM leaders.

FTC Green Griffins, a SWENext Club in San Diego, supported the FIRST Tech Challenge in Libya. We look forward to many more years of Libya SWENext and the incredible work they’re doing for women in STEM.

Libya SWENext is one of more than 280 SWENext Clubs around the world. SWENext Clubs connect SWE members, SWENexters, and students in that area. Find your local SWENext club and get involved today!

Photos: All-Girls Robotics Teams in FIRST Tech Challenge Libya Tournaments


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