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Video: I Am With SWE – Benita Mordi

Benita Mordi says she is with SWE because of the support and empowerment she feels standing with a community of 36,000 women engineers.
Video: I Am With Swe – Benita Mordi

“I am with SWE because SWE has taught me to celebrate women in STEM and women in engineering in general.”
– Benita Mordi

Stay Encouraged and Empowered by SWE!

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Benita is with SWE because she is empowered by the support and community of 38,000 women. Stay with SWE and its community too!

Benita has more to say about SWE—Watch Her “I Am With SWE” video

The Benefits of SWE membership

SWE is here to provide support through your post-graduate degree and successful career path. Here’s a look at the programs and benefits that SWE offers women (and men) working toward advanced degrees:

  • The SWE Graduate Community encourages graduate students to excel and expand their network while pursuing advanced degrees.
  • Webinars such as An Economist’s Perspective on Staying Motivated in Grad School and Tips for Successfully Completing Your Dissertation.
  •  SWE’s Research site, which explores issues women face in higher education.
  • An exclusive track for graduate students at this year’s WE17 conference in Austin, TX.

Early Bird Discount

If you renew your membership before July 1, you will receive a $5 discount on your membership dues – just enter the code EBIRD at Checkout.


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