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Results from SWE’s FY23 Member Focused Culture Study & Annual Member Survey

The Society of Women Engineers (SWE) Board of Directors initiated a culture study on the recommendation of the McKinley Advisors consulting group, who conducted an all-member DE&I survey in FY22. Culture at SWE is defined as the norms, customs, and behaviors experienced by members.

FY23 Member Focused Culture Study

Download the full FY23 Member Focused Culture Study Results Here >>>

SWE promoted the FY23 Culture Survey in conjunction with its all-member survey to understand how SWE members perceived and experienced the SWE culture against critical cultural values at SWE. To accomplish this work, SWE retained the services of Primer Michaels, who used the Barrett Values Center in the survey design. Data was collected from October 1 to 31, 2022. The survey resulted in 587 respondents, securing a 98% confidence level with a 4% margin for error.

SWE and its leaders are pleased to share high-level takeaways from the FY23 culture study. These findings include areas of strength, areas for growth and improvement, and planned next steps SWE and its members can take to continue to build a culture that reflects SWE’s mission and values.

Members report a strong alignment between SWE’s core values and the values they experience and desire to experience within the culture at SWE. Diversity is a prominent current value in SWE’s culture, and members from most of the world rank diversity as the number one descriptor of SWE culture.

Areas of Growth:

  1. SWE needs to focus on the experience of members across underrepresented groups in SWE to ensure members equitably experience SWE’s positive culture.
  2. While diversity was highlighted as both a current and espoused SWE value by members, opportunities remain to advance diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging (DEI&B) within SWE.
  3. Members want to see a reduction of bureaucracy across the organization.
  4. While there is strong alignment between the current values experienced by members and SWE’s organizational values, there is a need to increase the value alignment with SWE’s volunteer leadership.

Read our Action Plan and download the full FY23 Member Focused Culture Study Results Here >>> 

FY23 Annual Member Survey

Each year, SWE works with an external survey provider to survey our membership and benchmark findings against other engineering societies. This survey explores member needs and perceptions as they relate to SWE’s programs and services. The research was conducted through separate surveys to protect any individual SWE member or former member from being exposed to multiple or unduly long survey research requests.

We are pleased to share key results from our Member Needs Assessment Survey: A broad research effort aimed at capturing member opinion on SWE programs and benefits. Participants included all current members. The survey was launched on October 1, 2022, and closed on November 20, 2023, and had a 4% response rate with over 1,000 responses.

Download the FY23 Member Survey Results Here >>> 



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