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An Engineering Culture Like No Other

Learn about the engineering culture at Discover and how the company supports its employees around the globe with stories from three of its women engineers.
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The engineering culture at Discover is second to none. The people here are leveraging their skills and open-source knowledge to innovate, invent, and patent digital banking tools and services.

That’s why Discover is proud to support and partner with the Society of Women Engineers (SWE), because we, too, are a champion of women engineers. Our award-winning workplace of over 20,000 employees around the globe fosters an environment where everyone feels valued, has a sense of belonging, is treated equitably, and enjoys the freedom to be themselves.

Headshot of Katie L from Discover
Kate L.

For example, there’s Kate L., a Full Stack Application Engineer who is inspired by collaborating with others and is energized by learning from her peers.

She feels like the work she does is valued and her contributions make a difference. Kate enjoys the work-life balance and has never felt pressure to log on after hours.

She says, “I am passionate about being myself. I love having colored hair and getting to be myself while I do what I love.”

Ja'Melah R from Discover
Ja’Melah R.

Discover is also fortunate to have Ja’Melah R. on its team. She earned her M.S. degree in cybersecurity, specializing in cyberterrorism, from Wilmington University. She achieved this with support from Discover’s education assistance program available for qualified, active, full- or flex part-time employees.

Today, Ja’Melah is a Senior Associate Threat Intelligence and Social Engineering Analyst. She’s responsible for researching, creating, and sending multiple emails to the entire 30,000+ organization. The emails educate fellow employees on the dangers of phishing and encourages everyone within the company to report all phishing emails. She then presents that data to Discover’s organization leaders.

Ja’Melah says that aspiring women engineers should always walk into a room and own it whether they’re an introvert or have a bold voice. “We all have different perspectives. It enhances other’s point of view, improves collaboration and help drive professional growth,” she says. She also shares, “You should absolutely sit at the table in all meetings because your opinion matters.”

To learn more about some of our women engineers, watch this video featuring Megan Wrest, an Expert Application Engineer at Discover who loves technology and solving problems.

Plus, if you’re attending WE23 in Los Angeles, please stop by Discover at Booth 2201 to meet the team and learn more.

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