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SWE Section Spotlight: University of Arizona

SWE's U of A section they've been busy at work coordinating the calendar for the FY16 year.
Region A Collegiate Leadership Coaching Committee (clcc) Has Done A Great Job This Year!

This week’s SWE Section Spotlight is University of Arizona from Region B. We would like to start off by mentioning their brand new section website that’s recently launched. A few of the gals worked extremely hard on putting together to new landing page’s look and feel; and are very proud of it. As they should be! It looks fantastic, check it out:

As for the events and activities that are going on within SWE’s U of A section they’ve been busy at work coordinating the calendar for the FY16 year. “The goal of our calendar this year is to indulge our members in all aspects of SWE, as well as all of the opportunities that SWE provides. Through various social, outreach, and networking events, we encourage our members to develop technical skills, take advantage of various professional opportunities, undertake leadership roles, and experience personal growth in the fields of academia, outreach, health, and friendship.” Carrington Lepley, the section’s Webmaster mentions.

Suite with SWE is the section’s most important event. The U of A SWE section hosts this event bi-yearly in order to recruit new members. According to Lepley, “this is an event where high school students can come to our campus and experience the College of Engineering and stay with a current SWE member over night.The high schoolers learn about different engineering related clubs, are able to tour our campus, eat at our Student Union, meet the College of Engineering Administrator, and sit in onan engineering class.”

Due to high interest (way to go, ladies!) the event is forced to limit the invites to 30 high school young women. This event is very important to our section because it ensures that the high school girls know that there are many places on campus for them to get involved, it gives them an idea of the academic side of college, and it makes them feel more at home if they end up attending U of A.


Because University of Arizona SWE Section are continuously trying to improve, some of our members recently spent a lot of time developing a new layout for their officer board. “The reason for this is that they realized that some students at the University of Arizona were a part of SWE, but not giving much effort into it and not getting the full benefits that SWE has to offer. We decided it would be best to develop a board that would allow more people to get involved in our section.” says Lepley.

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