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SWE Member Josie Nelsen Is Always Connecting … Always Engineering

Tell us how you’re Always Connecting … Always Engineering with #AlwaysEngineering. Tag @SWETalk on Twitter and Instagram, and @sweorg on Facebook.
Swe Member Michelle Quizon Is Always Connecting … Always Engineering


Michelle Quizon

Josie Nelsen
Josie Nelsen

This year’s theme for WE17 is Always Connecting … Always Engineering. You cannot attend a WE conference without forming connections, and we know that engineering is more than just a profession…it’s a mindset and outlook that defines who you are and how you think. 

So, in anticipation of the largest conference for women engineers, we’re asking our members how they’re Always Connecting and Always Engineering in their lives.

Josie Nelsen

 Josie Nelsen
Account Engineer, AFM/FM Global

I play volleyball, and to be an effective player, it is important to understand the angles involved with putting the ball where you need to. This is true for passing the ball, setting to the hitters or hitting the ball to the opponent.

Josie NelsenI am primarily a hitter, so I especially must understand where the set is coming from. The further off the net the setter is, the tighter the angle and the more I need to adjust my approach. I also need to understand my positioning from the net in order to adjust the way I hit. I cannot hit the ball straight down if the set is off the net. Lastly, when hitting in different directions, I must understand the position of my hand to put the ball in an effective spot on the opponent’s side of the court.

Tell us how you’re Always Connecting … Always Engineering with #AlwaysEngineering. Tag @SWETalk on Twitter and Instagram, and @sweorg on Facebook.

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