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SWE Podcast Ep 66: Gulnaaz Afzal, An Aerospace Engineer with Dreams of Greater D&I

In this Diverse podcast episode, Gulnaaz Afzal—an international graduate student pursuing aerospace engineering—speaks about her experience coming to the US from India, obstacles she has faced and fought back against as a minority female engineer, and her passion for advancing D&I in the engineering world and for women in general.
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Episode 66: “The Change Starts with Me” — An Aerospace Engineer with Dreams of Greater D&I

Gulnaaz Afzal, aerospace engineer
Gulnaaz Afzal, aerospace engineering graduate student

In this Diverse podcast episode, SWE President Penny Wirsing (FY19) speaks to Gulnaaz Afzal, an international graduate student studying aerospace engineering at the University of Cincinnati. Gulnaaz holds a bachelor’s degree in aeronautical engineering from the acclaimed JNT University—one of India’s leading universities focusing on engineering—and is the first woman in her family to travel over 12,000 miles from her home in India to pursue her love for aerospace here in the U.S.

About Gulnaaz Afzal

Aside from thriving in aerospace, Gulnaaz is also an accomplished writer, radio show host, academic writing coach, and a women’s & child’s rights activist. She was also crowned the SWE Engineer of the Year at the University of Cincinnati in 2017.

Gulnaaz currently works in the field of Hybrid Electric Vehicles and aims to make life more sustainable for our future generations. She is also a strong supporter for diversity and inclusion (D&I) and believes that celebration of diversity is the recipe for global success and the solution to end tension and conflict across the world.

As a woman engineer, I think the change starts with me; if I am accomplished, if I can do the job well, then I will stand up for all the other women engineers who are trying hard to make a mark for themselves, as well.

– Gulnaaz Afzal, aerospace engineering graduate student

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