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On Engineering in Crisis: Maintaining a Virtual Community

Over the next few weeks, we invite you to join us for a short-form blog series on how SWE Members are navigating the world amidst COVID19. In this sixth blog, we are pleased to feature Kathryn Chamberlin from Arizona State University.
On Engineering In Crisis: Maintaining A Virtual Community

Today, we are pleased to feature Kathryn Chamberlin from Arizona State University. These blogs will showcase how different SWE members are engineering their lives during this fluid and ever-changing environment.

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Your Name & Affiliation: Kathryn Chamberlin, Arizona State University

Engineering Discipline: Electrical Engineering

On Engineering In Crisis: Maintaining A Virtual Community

How do you handle stress and maintain a work-life balance right now?

I find myself going on a lot of walks right now! I live in Arizona so the weather is beautiful and it’s really helpful for me to get out of the house and breathe some fresh air. Even a 10-minute walk relaxes me and helps me focus more on work when I get back!

Do you have any tips for studying or working from home? 

Since studying at home gets pretty boring really fast, I’ve been supplementing my normal study techniques with a lot of online videos and tutorials. I’m a really big fan of CrashCourse on YouTube because their videos are short and fun to watch. I also host a lot of video conferencing study sessions with friends and classmates so that it feels like we are studying at the school library together.

How do you maintain community with your fellow SWE members, section, or affiliate?

Video conferences! Every night my SWE section hosts a Zoom meeting to do yoga together, and then a lot of us study together after. I love this chance to workout with everyone and see their faces during yoga!

Engineers will be part of the critical solution to the global crisis created by COVID19. How are you engineering in crisis today?

I work in a lab at Arizona State and am currently helping to design infrared thermometers for a local hospital. These thermometers are great because they allow healthcare workers to take a patient’s temperature from a distance, so they can maintain social distancing practices. I’m happy to be supporting the COVID19 crisis by working with my team to support the healthcare system.

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