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On Engineering in Crisis: Maximize Productivity by Mixing It Up

Over the next few weeks, we invite you to join us for a short-form blog series on how SWE Members are navigating the world amidst COVID-19. In this second blog, we are pleased to feature Saloni Desai from Arizona State University.
On Engineering In Crisis: Creating Your Environment

This COVID-19 blog series will showcase how different SWE members are engineering their lives during this fluid and ever-changing environment. Today, we are pleased to feature Saloni Desai from Arizona State University.

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Your Name & Affiliation: Saloni Desai, Arizona State University 

Engineering Discipline: Computer Science

How do you handle stress and maintain a work-life balance right now?

Currently, what works best for me is having a strict schedule on one day and going easy on myself on the next day, again a strict schedule on the third day and so on and so forth. For me, the satisfaction of getting a lot of work done in a day is the best feeling – so on the days that I’m following a schedule, I try to maximize productivity. But on alternate days, I try to reduce my screen time by staying away from my laptop, I try to cook more meals and healthier meals and I also catch up with the latest news and do some reading.

Do you have any tips for studying or working from home?

I would say ‘mix-it-up.’ For example, if you have three subjects to study, study one for the first 30 minutes, take a 10 minute break and then study the second subject for 30 minutes, and take another break and so on. I’m currently juggling academic study and online courses from Coursera and Linkedin Learning and I follow this ‘mix-it-up’ routine for the same.

How do you maintain community with your fellow SWE members, section, or affiliate?

Mainly through the SWE Newsletter! I’m a new member.

Engineers will be part of the critical solution to the global crisis created by COVID-19. How are you engineering in crisis today?

I’m writing code, testing and debugging!


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