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SWE CMRIT Hosted Motivational Webinar

SWE Global Affiliate, CMR Institute of Technology (CMRIT), Bengaluru, hosted a webinar on ‘How to deal with reverses of life’ on 20th of July, 2020 (11AM-12 Noon IST).
Swe Cmrit Hosted Motivational Webinar
SWE CMRIT Webinar Speaker
Ranjan Kumar Behera, Associate Professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering at IIT Patna.

CMRIT conducts one SWE activity every month, following its affiliation to SWE in March 2020. As a continuation of our monthly activities, the CMRIT team was keen for a motivational talk as there is a lot of negativity floating around due to the current pandemic which has engulfed the entire globe. Ranjan Kumar Behera, Associate Professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering was the speaker for the webinar held on 20th July.

He has delivered motivational lectures in various Indian and foreign universities. In this webinar, he shared his life experiences in dealing with crisis-like situations. He mentioned how students are easily disheartened when they are met with failures and unable to deal with such situations, take extreme steps and not valuing the life given to us to cherish.

In a simple story like fashion, he depicted real events from his student and professional career which made the webinar highly engrossing. He mentioned that he himself underwent the transformation from a life of common living to a life of giving and caring. All this has come without any compromise in his professional career. In fact, he feels that he is more peaceful now due to his focus and dedication in his professional life. The speaker, with his motivational and ever-interesting delivery kept the participants glued to the lecture. Although the talk was scheduled for one hour, it went on way beyond, with a lot of questions pouring in from the listeners. In totality, the takeaway from the event was worthwhile and it ended with a sense of positivity, care of fellow humans and love for the almighty.

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