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How STEM Helped Me Cope During a Difficult Time in a New Country

Global Ambassador Amrapali shares the story of her move from India to the United Kingdom and how the lessons she learned throughout her STEM education and career helped her transition and settle into her new home and life.
How Stem Helped Me Cope During A Difficult Time In A New Country

How Stem Helped Me Cope During A Difficult Time In A New CountryI left my job last year to move from India to the United Kingdom. It was a new beginning for me and my family. The first few months were mostly settling in—adjusting to the change in weather and routine.

With two degrees in engineering and manufacturing technology, my appetite for knowledge and a thirst for new adventure is always switched to ‘on mode’.

It became clear to me that to re-establish myself in a new country and live a comfortable life, the following skills—which I gained during my studies and job as a STEM professional—would help me immensely.

1. Communication

Technology and engineering have really advanced communication channels and mediums making the communication process fast, smart and clear.  Whether it was finding a home for rent, opening bank accounts or registering myself with the National Health Service, I realized that being tech savvy and educated in the digital world gives you an advantage.

2. Critical Analysis

I am not talking about analysis of a maths problem here. But yes, analysing and solving problems in mathematics really helped me weigh real life problems, analyse them criticality and then work on the solutions. I realized just how important a strong understanding of mathematics is when I started deducing and comparing the living index and the cost of living from my home country to that of the UK.

How Stem Helped Me Cope During A Difficult Time In A New Country3. Creativity

Some people think creativity is a born trait. But, I can definitely say that by understanding science and technology, we can cultivate creative thinking. For example, when I was setting up and decorating my new place, the science of light (illumination) and colors with the technology of LED, helped me give my home a calm and soothing feel.

4. Teamwork

Of course, I moved with my partner and child and we worked as a team to manage our time and efforts. When it came to planning activities, I knew a major chunk would have to be handled by me because he had to go to his new office too. It was like a group lab experiment for us, one has to take care of the material to requisite and the other has to take care of the paperwork. But the fun part is both learning in the process and sharing ideas at the conclusion.

5. Independent thinking and problem solving

When it came to the installation of all the appliances, setting up of internet and gas connection, it really took a lot of effort. But here I was, understanding the technicality of machines, modem and equipment. I would say an engineering degree is really worth it.

I can manage things independently, think about the root of the problems and faults and leverage my skills in day to day life.

How Stem Helped Me Cope During A Difficult Time In A New CountryIn addition to the skills above, there are many other skills which have helped me surround myself with positivity and motivation. One of them is networking—something SWE has helped me with a great deal.  Attending Global Ambassador meetings, talking to other members, sharing my experiences and now working as a co-lead for content curators work group. All of this has helped me keep afloat and grow, too.

I am still looking for a pad to land on as my job search continues, but surely in the process I haven’t stopped learning.

And so, I close with a quote—my favorite quote from my role model, Albert Einstein:

“Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think.”

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  • Amrapali

    Amrapali was most recently a business development and proposal specialist at L3HARRIS Technologies. At L3Harris, she was part of the corporate team, handling international marketing activities in India. Earlier in her career, Amrapali gained extensive experience in technical sales, marketing and design with Goa Shipyard and IFB industries. Amrapali holds a PMP certification and is a very active member at PMI. She holds a master's degree in manufacturing management from BITS Pilani and a bachelor's degree in electronics and communication engineering from BIT, Mesra. She has done training in testing and embedded systems. Amrapali is associated with PMI as a member and volunteer. She had worked towards various blogs and organising webinars. She is currently a part of a blog called Shifting Change on