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SWENext Club Spotlight: Jakarta SWENext

This month’s SWENext club feature takes us all the way to Jakarta, Indonesia. This motivated group of SWENexters founded their club in 2020 after participating in the SWENext Recruitment Challenge. Keep reading to learn about how SWENexters are uniting through their passion for STEM all around the world!
Swenext Club Spotlight: Jakarta Swenext

Jakarta SWENext 

Starting up a SWENext Club requires a lot of coordination and hard work, especially in 2020. Regardless, members of SWENext Jakarta were determined to create their club this past summer! SWENext Jakarta is based in Jakarta, Indonesia and has members in grades 5 through 11. They recently formed their club through the SWENext Recruitment Challenge. After gaining some initial members, they selected one of their very active members, Carolene Adeline, as their president. Carolene exemplified a passion for engineering, even before her SWENext club was founded. In February of 2020, she hosted a STEAM conference at her school and invited students from various backgrounds to attend. Her leadership over SWENext Jakarta has helped propel their growth and success!

Because SWENext Jakarta was founded during the pandemic, they’ve been challenged with navigating virtual events. They hosted a virtual meeting that was a collaboration with PHS SWENext (Poway High School). SWENext Jakarta invited members from PHS SWENext to discuss the programs they’ve developed and their experiences as SWENext members. This helped to inspire the Jakarta SWENext students and allowed them to create a plan for recruiting more members! Additionally, SWENext Jakarta participated in a national event hosted by Disrupto Society. In that event, the SWENexters had the opportunity to share their experiences in STEM competitions. The innovative members of SWENext Jakarta have been successful in starting up their club, even when faced with a global pandemic.

If you’d like to see what these SWENexters accomplish next, follow them on Instagram, @swenextjakarta! If you are interested in starting a SWENext Club or just want to learn more, email Connecting with a SWENext Club in your area is a great way to start up your SWENext Club – use this link to find one near you.

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