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#INWED2022: SWE’s Inventors and Innovators Interview Series: Maya Marode Patil

Pt. 2 in the Inventors and Innovator Interview Series for #INWED2022!
#INWED2022: SWE’s Inventors and Innovators Interview Series: Swati Patil - INWED2022

We are approaching International Women in Engineering Day, a day dedicated to celebrating the outstanding achievements of women engineers across the globe and encouraging the growth of women in engineering sectors.  The theme of this year is Inventors and Innovators. It is inspiring to see women engineers at the forefront of innovation, achieving new heights.

On this International Women in Engineering Day, we are sharing and learning from the journey of women in innovation who have patents registered in their names, how they overcome the challenges, what inspired them, and assisted them to emerge as winners.

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Maya Marode Patil

Securing patents is a very commendable job. What inspired you to get into the field of STEM innovations?  

I was the core member of the project team and was responsible to deliver the product. We were awarded the scope to design the concept for which one must think outside the box to get the solution. This out-of-the-box thinking eventually resulted in the patent.  

From inception to a fully-fledged patented idea – How would you describe this experience?  

When I started working on the concept, I started by searching on the net for anything readily available that would solve the problem. But I came to know that no existing design can solve my problem. From there I started thinking and this Idea came into my mind. I recorded all ideas & rough sketches in the book and immediately submitted ideas on Emerson’s idea portal because we never know which ideas can be patented. And after design validation, we proceed with patent filing.  

As a woman in the field of innovation, what were the challenges you faced in getting these patents and how did you overcome them?  

As a woman we have to balance both work & family. I was 8 months pregnant when I was working on the patented design. It was challenging, but what needs to be done, must be done. Thus, I worked in the lab and validated the patented design. Despite the challenges, I was very positive throughout the journey; I am a firm believer in “A positive mindset brings positive things”.  

Each invention is a milestone in human history. What is your patent and how did it further propagate your career journey?  

Innovation is the key to growing your business. R&D helps businesses to stay ahead of game and give customers products that perfectly meet their demands. In my opinion, innovation helps you stay ahead of the competition. 

To other women who would like to innovate and invent, what would be your advice?   

The best advice is to challenge yourself. Focus on your strengths and use that as an advantage to capitalize on the work. produce ideas and create content. “Be beautiful, Be innovative.” 


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