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SWE Delhi Affiliate Helps Organize Outreach Event for 500+ Girls

SWE members tell students about their careers as engineers and organize fun activities revolving around everyday science concepts.
SWE Delhi Affiliate Helps Organize Outreach Event for 500+ Girls -

Why did you choose to be an Engineer? Good at academics? Interested in Science? Passionate about engineering? or Lucrative job? Decent package? Just happened? Even if your reason to be an engineer lies in the latter category, you wouldn’t have been able to achieve it had your foundation been weak.

If you google how to be an engineer or what to study to be an engineer, you will find results about engineering colleges and the subjects taught in engineering college. Seldom, do we remember that the foundation of engineering – Maths, Physics, Chemistry is laid in the school itself? And the stronger the foundation, the greater will be the building.

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Strongly believing in this, through the medium of SWE and with the help of Tapas Foundation, SWE Delhi Affiliate, India visited Government Sarvodya Bal Vidyala’ a public school in Matiala, New Delhi. The members from different corporate organizations, i.e. Ramboll, Bechtel, Keysight and Fluor, were greeted by 500+ girls students from 6,7,8th standards and had a mesmerizing interaction with them. When asked about their aspirations, many girls revealed they wanted to become engineers, teachers, and IAS officers and contribute to society.

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To instill excitement in the students towards Science, we came up with fun activities revolving around everyday science concepts like pressure, force, reflections. Many women engineers from the affiliate shared their professional stories and became the beacon of hope for the students. Different types of engineering were discussed to let the students think which kind of engineering would interest them. Students were motivated to be more observant and curious to explore the science behind everyday activities.

The interaction ended with an Q&A session where students came with interesting questions like Why do they feel static when getting up in the morning? What is the science behind dreams? what are the next steps for them? When are they going to meet the affiliate again?

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The glimpse in students’ eyes by the end of the event marked the success of our efforts to inspire and motivate them. With a vision to encourage and empower women engineers in the Delhi NCR area, we took the step to collaborate with the school and give a direction to the future engineers and help them get closer to their aspirations. We extend a heartwarming thanks to the school staff, Tapas foundation and the affiliate’s members for their help and efforts for the noble cause.


  • Eshika Mahajan

    Software engineer at TCS, Eshika is passionate about collaborating with people from different backgrounds, mentoring young women and helping them in achieving their aspirations.

  • Suchita Kapoor

    Operations Manager at Keysight Technologies, Suchita drives change to broaden young women’s access to STEM and expands the image of women in engineering and community.

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