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Society of Women Engineers Announces SWENext Awards Integration with Awards and Recognition Committee

Beginning in FY23, SWENext Awards will be managed by the Awards and Recognition Committee
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The Society of Women Engineers works through SWENext to encourage young girls into STEM careers and support their interests and curiosity in STEM. As part of this initiative, SWENext Awards strive to recognize the successes of SWENext students and SWENext Clubs that do exceptional work in developing a community for students to explore engineering and other STEM fields.

Part of these efforts include the integration of the SWENext Awards into the Awards and Recognition Committee. This integration will provide consistency and standardization to all awards, increase visibility of SWENext Awards to the wider SWE community, and help to build awards pathways and increase submissions within SWE Awards more broadly.

Over the course of FY22, both committees worked to increase alignment between timelines and processes, including standardization of SWENext Awards prompts to be used year after year. With this in mind, beginning in FY23, the Awards and Recognition Committee will oversee the SWENext Awards processes. All application and notification timelines will remain consistent across the program.

Remember to apply and encourage others to apply to SWE Awards. You can find out more at

If you have any questions, reach out to for additional information.


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