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Staying Social Media Responsible at WE22

We are less than a day away from one of the most anticipated events of the year, WE22. Check out this article to learn more!
Staying Social Media Responsible at WE22 - WE22

This year the world awaits for you to embark on one of the largest conferences for women in engineering and technology in the world.

At WE22, you can attend (and access virtually) over 200 sessions that are designed for all different stages of your career. There will be plenty of sessions from leading experts sharing best practices, opportunities to build your professional and personal networking community as well as participate in technical competitions or even award programs. In addition, in-person you can attend the world’s largest career fair for women in engineering and technology at the George R. Brown Convention Center. Be sure to explore the exciting exhibits, special events and take in the great city of Houston, Texas, USA.

You can help promote the greatness SWE has to offer with social media platforms. Social media platforms exist for SWE members all over the world to engage and connect with each other on all things SWE.

Check out IMAB’s website for more on SWE’s Social Media Policy & IMAB Procedures & Guidelines for SWE Groups on Social Media. In addition, there is a SWE Facebook Admin Group to assist in regulating the Facebook platform.

This year, stay social media savvy and knowledgeable with recommended social media policy guidelines.

Enjoy all WE22 has to offer and continue to Aspire, Advance and Achieve!


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