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FY23 SWENext Recruitment Challenge

We challenge you to recruit the most SWENexters before May 31, 2023
Congratulations to the Winners of the FY2022 SWENext Recruitment Challenge! - SWENext

We challenge you to recruit the most SWENexters before May 31, 2023! 

Sections/affiliates/MALs/affinity groups/SWENext Clubs, SWENexters, and Educators/Adult Advocates are encouraged to “opt-in” to this challenge and recruit the most SWENexters from all backgrounds! Recruitment efforts are encouraged to be focused on including all aspects of STEM, recruiting younger students (ages 5-14), and recruiting students from all backgrounds. The top 3 winners for each tier will win a monetary prize to fund future outreach events. The Challenge will run from February 1, 2023, through May 31, 2023.


The Student Programs Committee runs the SWENext Program, which is a way for pre-college students, ages 5-18, to become a part of SWE. The committee provides relevant content and programming to encourage STEM identity and help students navigate the path to college. Only 13% of engineers are women, therefore we see increasing female participation in engineering as a critical need. The mission of the SWENext program is to empower students ages 5-18 to pursue careers in engineering and technology. The cost to join SWENext is free! Learn more at

The student programs committee needs your help to reach our goal of increasing membership to 10,000 SWENexters by the end of the fiscal year (we are currently at 5268 SWENexters).

How Can You Help?

Participate in the FY23 SWENext Recruitment Challenge! You must opt-in to participate by registering your section/affiliate/MAL or SWENext Club at this link.

During registration, you will create a unique “Event Code.” This code will be the way we track which section/affiliate/MAL/affinity group/SWENext Club, SWENexter, or educator/adult advocate recruited which SWENexter. Whenever you sign a student up for SWENext, have them use your unique “Event Code.” (See the attached FAQs for information on how to create a unique Event Code.)


Check out our Frequently Asked Questions and Rules and Regulations. Still, have questions? Contact the Student Programs Committee at

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