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Mining Engineering Student of the Month: Mary Nimey

Meet Mary Nimey, a Junior at Colorado School of Mines majoring in Mining Engineering.
Mining Engineering Student of the Month: Mary Nimey - Engineering

How would you describe what you are studying to our readers?

In mining, I am studying how to extract minerals from the Earth, how to design mines, and geology.

When did you first hear about mining engineering? Were you introduced to it in school? And by whom? A teacher? A parent?

I first heard about mining as a sophomore in high school. I knew I wanted to go into an engineering field that would not require me to work in a lab all day. My dad sent me an article with all types of engineering where I saw mining and decided to learn more.

What do you study in mining engineering? What interests you most?

Specifically, I am studying everything in mining. However, the business and economics interest me most so I am focusing on taking more business classes.

What is your favorite part? Is it a certain class? A certain lab?

I really liked ‘Explosives 1’. This was not a required class, but it allowed me to learn more about explosive patterns used in mine design which has helped me in later classes. It was also cool getting to handle the explosives and learn how to properly load explosives into the rock with proper supervision.

When you graduate, what do you hope to do with your degree? Go on for more schooling? Go to work?

Once I graduate, I hope to work in the mining industry for 5-10 years before I become a high school teacher. I want to better educate high school students in engineering courses about natural Earth engineering options and teach business classes since those were offered to an extent.

How do you hope to make a difference in the world using your degree?

I hope to make a difference primarily as a high school teacher. People are retiring in the mining industry quicker than graduating and I want high school students to know that it is an option for a job. I also want to inspire more women to go into engineering fields that are male oriented, and I believe I could be a positive role model for young women

Did you participate in any clubs, groups or organizations in primary school that helped you decide on majoring in engineering? What clubs/groups did you participate in?

I did not participate in any activities that helped me decide my major but I played lacrosse and field hockey and enjoyed other activities like art, skiing, and hanging out with friends and family.

What advice do you have for our readers who may want to become engineers one day?

My advice for anyone who may become an engineer is put yourself out there during group projects. I have been the only woman on teams before and have felt like my ideas have been overheard but there have been times when those ideas have helped solve a problem we faced. It can be scary, especially if you haven’t been treated with respect, but in the end it will prepare you for potential challenges you face in the workforce.


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