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Women’s History Month: Community

Women’s History Month: Community -

Diverse Podcast: Engineering as a Pathway to Community Leadership with Debra Coleman

In this special SWE Diverse Episode for Black History Month, Louvere-Walker Hannon, co-leader of the African American Affinity Group for the Society of Women Engineers sits down with Debra Coleman, co-lead of the SWE African-American Affinity Group and the collegiate development lead for FY22. Debra is also a real time embedded software engineer at the Boeing Company in Seattle. Debra talks about what building a community means to her and how being a black engineer impacts the way she leads in her community. 

Podcast: On Community and Indigenous Peoples with Sarah EchoHawk, CEO of AISES

In this episode, Karen Horting, Executive Director and CEO of the Society of Women Engineers, speaks with Sarah EchoHawk, CEO, American Indian Science and Engineering Society (AISES). They discuss the challenges faced by Indigenous Peoples when it comes to pursuing education and careers in STEM as well as strategies to improve access to Indigenous communities.

Ways YOU Can Help in the Latinx/Hispanic Community!

From Jennifer Brown’s book How to Be an Inclusive Leader, the model of inclusivity starts with being unaware then moves to awareness than to being active. Today, we will explore how SWE is actively helping people who identify as Latinx/Hispanic provide ways that YOU can help those in your Latinx/Hispanic community!

Being Part of the SWE Community – SWEet Wisdom

Did you know that there are over 40,000 collegiate and professional SWE members around the world? By being a part of SWENext, you’re already starting to learn about all of the benefits of being a part of the SWE community. To give you a look into how staying involved in SWE could help you in college and in your career, we’ve asked SWE members to share their favorite aspect of being a part of the SWE community!

FIRST Robotics Teen

Seven Decades Making: How Women are Leading College Future

International Women’s Day: Comics about Community

Top University Rankings: Women Leadership

Championing Women Beyond the Workplace

There are lots of reasons that women are being driven out of the tech industry but some simple support systems could help them flourish

In Her Own Words: Jennifer Colvin

People are aware of the problems caused by the underrepresentation of Women in STEM

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