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As a section officer, accuracy and transparency are key…

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Section officers have taken on roles with responsibilities. For many, this is the first time they are responsible for decisions and control of communal finances. The grizzled veterans of finance would like to impart some wisdom. As an officer, you are expected to work and treat your duties with transparency and accuracy. 

In all finance related goals and applications, you should use the most accurate numbers you have. You may feel that if you understate or overstate your financial assets you can achieve your fund-raising goals. Let us be clear. You are expected to state your financial position in the most accurate terms possible.

Remember, there are laws as well as SWE rules surrounding your financial reporting. SWE section credit cards and financial transactions are only for SWE section expenses. They are not to be used for personal transactions. Follow these basic guidelines and you are on your way to making your forays into new roles successful.

The Society of Women Engineers (SWE) Finance Committee is a standing committee dedicated to fiscal interests within SWE. If SWE finance questions arise, please email the SWE Finance Committee at or visit us during our office hours. Office hours are held at Annual Conference and as scheduled to support SWE finance topics. SWE Sections do not have to go it alone with our SWE annual fiscal process.


  • Sara Campbell

    Sara Campbell is a retired chemical engineer who enjoys talking and writing about money. She has found her people in the Finance Committee and has recently served as the FY22 Section Support Subteam Lead of the SWE Finance Committee.