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5 Things to Do Right After WE Annual Conference

Did you join us for WE23 in Los Angeles or virtually? Check out our tips to maximize your post-conference potential.
5 Things to Do Right After WE Annual Conference

Congratulations! You made it through the WE23 annual conference. Before you rifle through your goodie bags and catch up on your overflowing inbox, don’t forget to take these important steps to strengthen any new connections and keep your momentum going.

1. Send Your Thank Yous

If you attended the career fair and spoke with a recruiter or hiring manager, don’t forget to send an email thanking them for their time. Be sure to reinforce why you’re interested in working for the organization and why you’d be a good match, and, if possible, consider adding something that you discussed while getting to know each other that makes the thank you email more personal.

2. Follow Up and Connect

Follow up with those who you made a connection with on LinkedIn or via email. Consider sending a short message reminding them where you met and how you may be able to help each other. If you made a connection that might benefit another colleague, pay it forward and make the introduction.

3. Review the Content/See What You Missed 

Catch on-demand sessions on vFairs, the WE23 virtual conference platform through Jan. 30, 2024. Attendees can use the email address they registered for the conference with to access the virtual conference. If you have trouble logging in or need to reset your password, email for assistance.

  • Note: Inspirational Insights sessions are eligible to earn 0.1 CEU/1.0 PDH each. To earn CEUs, you must view the session in its entirety and pass the post-session survey with an 80%. SWE will not award partial credit or adjusted CEUs to individuals who do not successfully meet the criteria. Please note: If you attended any of the WE23 Inspirational Insights during the live event and meet the criteria to earn CEUs, SWE will issue your certificate to the name and email you provide in the survey by Dec. 1. If you watch the Inspirational Insights on-demand through vFairs after the conference and pass the post-session survey with an 80%, SWE will issue your certificate to the name and email you provide in the survey by Feb. 29.
4. Put What You Learned Into Practice

Ask yourself these questions:

    • What resonated with you the most?
    • How can you use what you learned at work?
    • Did the conference make you realize that you have a skill gap?

Review your notes and the learning outcomes for each of the presentations you attended and make an action list that you can start executing or building upon post-conference.

5. Share What You Learned at the Conference

Type up a summary of key takeaways, helpful strategies and pertinent links from the conference and share with your managers and colleagues alike. Not only will this reinforce to your boss that investing in you was a smart move and will give them a reason to send you to more events and opportunities but you may be paving the way for one of your colleagues to also get the okay to attend in the future.



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