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SWE Dresden Affiliate and GlobalFoundries Host Valuable Professional Development Discussions

Read about the thought-provoking discussions that took place at this professional development event in Dresden, Germany.
Photo of women at SWE Dresden Affiliate

Inspired by the WE23 theme, “Live Without Limits,” the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) Dresden Affiliate and GlobalFoundries hosted an event on 14 Sept. 2023 that welcomed more than a dozen speakers and 10 sessions over the course of the afternoon.

Topics included how to improve communication skills through storytelling, parallels between engineering and Japanese culture, and how to secure funding for projects. A roundtable discussion explored how to create an opportunity from a mistake – not only our own mistakes, but also how the mistakes of others can enhance the learning process. This topic was particularly fascinating in the engineering context where mistakes are mitigated to the maximum extent.

“Personally, I found the event not only informative, but also a bonding experience. It is unusual to see colleagues from our fabrication sharing personal stories and challenges. I think such sessions will encourage other colleagues to speak up about their own struggles, challenges, and most importantly, development strategies.” – Shanti Siemes, Event Organizer

Presentation at SWE Dresden Affiliate event
A professional development presentation at the SWE Dresden Affiliate event.

The sessions wrapped up with a grounded talk from Katrin Dunker, who leads the coaching business Change Miteinander, on how to put daily problems into perspective based on how much control one has over them.

Guests from Silicon Saxony and DAS Environmental attended the event, in addition to participants from GlobalFoundries, and remarked on the importance of such gatherings in the semiconductor business. The event organizers, Dr. Shanthi Siemes and Dr. Lindarti Purwaningsih, were grateful for the indispensable support of management, including the fabrication manager, Dr. Manfred Horstmann.


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