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Meet SWE’s Integrated Marketing Advisory Board (IMAB)

Wondering if your logo is compliant with SWE’s brand guidelines? Interested in engaging more effectively on social media? Learn about this resource that helps the SWE community with brand awareness and marketing!
Meet SWE’s Integrated Marketing Advisory Board (IMAB)

The Society of Women Engineers (SWE) has an Integrated Marketing Advisory Board (IMAB) that advises the Society on communications focusing on public relations and social media. The IMAB is a resource for SWE groups on brand awareness and usage so that SWE’s image is consistent and leveraged for the benefit of SWE and all SWE members.

What Is Integrated Marketing?

Integrated marketing is an approach to creating a unified and seamless experience for consumers to interact with the brand. This includes using the SWE brand guidelines to be consistent with the use of the SWE logo, gear pattern, and communication templates. In our case, SWE consumers are our members! 

When Should SWE Members Leverage the IMAB?

The IMAB is here to serve SWE members as a resource for all things branding and marketing related. Examples of when to reach out include, but are not limited to:

  • Is our logo compliant with SWE brand guidelines?
  • How can I get the most out of our social media platforms?
  • What are some best practices to start off the year strong?
  • How can I advertise my section’s events to our local members or grow our new member engagement?

What’s the Best Way to Connect With the IMAB?

You can contact directly with all of your questions. We also encourage you to learn more about the IMAB on our website to explore further resources. Lastly, you can join the SWE Group on Facebook to connect with members all over the globe, including the IMAB team.

Meet the FY24 IMAB Leadership Team

IMAB Chair: Silvija Skemaite

Silvija Skemaite headshotSilvija Skemaite is a Senior Product Manager at ADP. Her background is in chemical engineering and computer science from the City College of New York.

Silvija joined IMAB to give back to the SWE community and help grow the marketing knowledge base for all SWE member needs. She’s on a mission to grow the IMAB to become the go-to place for marketing basics for sections across SWE. 

Silvija loves mentoring the next generation and connecting people across her networks. She lives in New York City and loves travel, hikes, exploring city parks and finding new food spots.


IMAB Chair-Elect: Eleonora Chakraborty

Eleonora Chakraborty headshotEleonora Chakraborty received a B.S. in biomedical engineering from Purdue University. Her involvement in SWE started within the Purdue SWE collegiate section, and she has recently been involved in leadership within the SWE Chicago Regional Section as President and within the SWE IMAB as Chair-Elect. 

Professionally, Eleonora is Associate Director, Regulatory Affairs, at Abbott Rapid Diagnostics, located in Lake Forest, Ill. She has 10 years of combined R&D and global regulatory strategy experience at startups and mid-size, and large-sized companies for a variety of medical devices, including implants, critical care catheters, software, hardware, sutures, and IVDs. She specializes in global strategy, registrations, and leading interactions with regulatory authorities.

She is excited to support the IMAB’s mission and increase awareness of SWE’s branding practices. In her free time, she loves to sail on Lake Michigan during warmer months, ski during colder months, and plan events throughout the year.

Why IMAB? – Testimonials From the Board

“I joined IMAB because I wanted to add value to SWE from the inside while also learning in the process. I feel like IMAB is the best fit for me to achieve this, and I’ve loved my experience so far!” – Mireia

During my term as FY17 SWE President, I saw the impact social media could have to connect SWE members around the globe. We also had recently launched the new SWE logo, and there was a lot of excitement around the new SWE branding. As a charter member of IMAB, it has been a great way to stay involved in SWE and continue to support the growth of SWE marketing channels.

As the SWE Facebook group has grown to almost 9,000 members, it is a great way for members to mentor others and have spontaneous career advice conversations. Through IMAB, we have seen the power of social media to support women throughout the life cycle of their engineering careers.” – Jessica


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