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2023 Year in Review: SWE’s Most Popular Content

As we wrap up another year of advocacy, advancement and achievement in STEM, we compiled this roundup of our most popular podcast episodes, magazine articles, and blog posts of 2023.
2023 Year in Review: SWE’s Most Popular Content

From SWE Magazine to Diverse: a SWE podcast to the All Together blog, our Society of Women Engineers (SWE) community enjoyed a mix of stories in 2023 that highlighted women in STEM and men allies from across the globe, inspired emerging leaders, and moved the engineering and technology fields forward.

Here are SWE’s most popular podcast episodes, magazine articles, and blog posts of 2023:

Top 5 Episodes of Diverse: a SWE Podcast

Branded graphic for the engineering podcast Diverse: a SWE Podcast

1. Ep 208: Sponsored Episode – The Home Depot With Nalini Subu 

In our top podcast episode of 2023, Nalini Subu, Senior Systems Engineer Principal at The Home Depot, discussed her educational background, her work with The Home Depot and the importance of mentorship.

2. Ep 204: WE22 Keynote Speaker Phyllis Schneck

WE22 Keynote Speaker Phyllis Schneck reflected on her experience at WE22 and expanded on her opening keynote speech.

3. Ep 206: National Mentoring Month With the Early Career Professional AGs

Amber Kreceman (she/her), Mahati Vavilala (she/her), and Marie-Pierre (MP) Delisle (she/her) of the SWE’s Early Career Professional Affinity Group shared insights on mentorship, sponsorship and creating an authentic and intentional personal Board of Directors.

4. Ep 209: What Happened in 1957: A Turning Point in SWE’s Journey Toward Inclusion

In this special episode for Black History Month, SWE sat down with Troy Eller English, SWE’s Archivist, to talk about events that took place in 1957 that led to a turning point in SWE’s journey towards inclusion. This award-winning episode was recognized with an APEX Grand Award.

5. Ep 205: Sponsored Episode – HP Inc. With Swapna Tom

Swapna Tom, Distinguished Technologist for the Enterprise Data and Analytics Team at HP Inc., joined us to share her journey to becoming an engineer, her current role at HP Inc. and her role in various volunteer projects.

Top 5 SWE Magazine Articles

SWE Magazine Women Engineers You Should Know

1. Women Engineers You Should Know

Since 2015, SWE Magazine has asked its members, “Who are the women engineers we should know?” Meet the 2023 women engineers who received this recognition in the most-read SWE Magazine article of 2023.

2. Hydrogen Fuel Cell Aviation Readies for Takeoff

As the climate crisis deepens, efforts to reduce CO2 emissions intensify across every sector. Learn how the commercial aviation industry is exploring and using hydrogen fuel cells to reduce its emissions and carbon footprint.

3. Women in Engineering: A Review of the 2022 Literature

SWE conducted this assessment of the most significant research found in the past year’s social science literature on women engineers and women in STEM disciplines, along with recommendations for future analysis and study.

4. Dance and STEM: A Fascinating Duet

What do modern dance and STEM have in common? More than you may think! SWE Magazine explores this connection in the Winter 2023 issue’s cover story.

5. In Support of Sports

As the popularity of women’s sports skyrockets, injuries among women athletes are increasing. Engineers are working to address these issues to improve the comfort, safety, and performance of women athletes.

Top 5 All Together Blog Posts

Star shaped SWE awards trophy on a blue background with a spotlight shining on it

1. Individuals in Engineering and Technology Recognized for STEM Achievements & Community Contributions

Browse through our most popular blog post of the year to see the full listing of 2023 SWE award recipients and celebrate their impact.

2. The Gender and Racial Pay Gap in Engineering

Women engineers in the United States earn less than men, despite advances to achieve gender equity. Explore the data on pay gaps in the STEM workforce in this blog post.

3. “No Education is Wasted”: How Erin Hong Did a 180 Into Aerospace Engineering

Discover how Erin Hong’s unique education and work experience shaped her engineering journey, along with her networking tips and mantra for success.

4. Day in the Life of an Aerospace Engineer: Jen Hart

Learn more about a day in the life of an aerospace engineer and the unique career journey of Jen Hart in this blog post.

5. Congratulations to the 2023 SWE Scholarship Recipients!

SWE awarded more than $1.5 million in scholarships for the 2023-2024 academic year. Explore the recipients in this blog post.

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