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Mid-Career Professionals Affinity Group Book Club

As part of their spotlight month, SWE's Mid-Career Professionals Affinity Group is hosting a book club on Jan. 25.
Mid-Career Professionals Affinity Group

Join us on Thursday, Jan. 25, at 3 p.m. MT for an engaging journey into the literary realms of “Climbing Down the Ladder” by Laura Black! We’re thrilled to delve into the captivating narrative woven by the author, exploring the complexities of the experience of resigning from a CEO position to retirement. An excerpt from the book explains:

In the same way a generation of women lacked role models on the way up the career ladder, they lack them on the way down. Laura had to delve into her past for clues on moving forward and finding contentment and purpose without that all-encompassing level of productivity and achievement. In so doing she uncovered a richer, different kind of happy. This is her story. This is our story.

This book contains thought-provoking themes and promises to spark insightful discussions that will leave you pondering long after the last page. Whether you’re a seasoned bookworm or looking to explore new literary horizons, our club provides a welcoming space to share perspectives and connect with fellow readers. Don’t miss the chance to join our upcoming meeting and dive into the enriching world of “Climbing Down the Ladder.” Happy reading!

Mid-Career Professionals Affinity Group Book Club

About the Mid-Career Professionals Affinity Group

The Mid-Career Professionals Affinity Group (AG) was formed to bridge the gap between the already established Early Career Professionals and Late Career and Retiree AGs for members in the 10-25 year range of career experience. The Mid-Career Professionals AG supports those who are established in their career and looking for support during transitions typically experienced at this stage of their career. This can include transitions into management levels, job changes, hybrid career paths (leadership in a technical role), career breaks, parenting, caregiving, new ways to excel, reentering the workforce, and/or adapting to changing times. This AG will connect members in virtual settings for networking, best practices sharing, and mutual support.

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